GottaBeFunded: xWallDock Turns Outlets Into iPad and iPhone Docks


A new Kickstarter project called the xWallDock turns a standard wall outlet into a charging dock for Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and iPods. The product creators promises to support both the current 30-pin Apple devices and new Lightning devices like the Apple iPhone 5. We think this is an interesting Kickstarter project that’s […]

GottaBeFunded: OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

With the new Maps in iOS 6, Apple is relying on third-party apps for public transportation, and thankfully there’s an organization that wants to help fill the gap. OpenPlans is a nonprofit based in New York City that builds open-source apps for cities, and it wants to help iOS users with an open transit app. […]

GottaBeFunded: TAKTIK Rugged Case for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5


Minimal, the maker of the TikTok, the first wristwatch for the iPod nano, is back with a new Kickstarter campaign for a rugged iPhone case. The TAKTIK is Minimal’s answer to cases from manufacturers like Otterbox and Lifeproof. It’s an aluminum case that meets military spec for protection against dust, sand, water, shock, and drops. […]

Trygger iPhone 4S Camera Case Adds Polarizing Filter to iPhone


There’s no doubt that the iPhone 4S has a great camera, but most of the camera accessories and lens adapters are easy to lose. The Trygger iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 case is offers a simple solution to help create better photographs on the iPhone – a sliding polarizing filter. The filter is built into the case […]

GottaBeFunded: Arctic Flight iPad Case is a Perfect Fit for Flyers

Arctic Flight IPad Case Attaches to Tray

The Arctic Flight iPad case is the most impressive iPad case for travelers and flyers I’ve seen. We’ve seen iPad cases designed to sit on the tray table, but this is the first iPad case that uses the tray table to transform into the ultimate flying companion by mounting to the seat in front of […]

GottaBeFunded: gTar is an iPhone Powered Guitar Tutor


The gTar is a new iPhone music accessory that teaches  guitar fundamentals while doubling as an electronic instrument. The gTar looks like a cross between an electric guitar and an Rock Band guitar with an iPhone dock on the body, just below the strings. When paired with an iPhone, the gTar teaches users how to play songs […]

GottaBeFunded: Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone & Android

Pebble smart watch for iPhone

The Pebble Smart Watch has apps, iPhone connectivity and an affordable price, all it needs is a bit of funding to make it to the market. Pebble is an E-Paper smart watch with apps that connects over Bluetooth to iPhone and Android smartphones with a host of different features. I was drawn to the Pebble […]

GottaBeFunded: Geode – Ridiculously Awesome & Smart iPhone Wallet

Geode Card and Back

There’s a race to deliver the best digital wallet for the iPhone and Android smartphones. Apple and Google are the most likely candidates to deliver, but iCache has taken to KickStarter to win the race and deliver an incredibly awesome digital wallet solution for the iPhone. Geode, by iCache is a smart iPhone Wallet that has room […]

GottaBeFunded: SOOT Kickstand for Kindle Fire

Soot Kindle Fire Case

There are a lot of Kindle Fire cases on the market, but not enough according to SOOT. The team behind SOOT have taken to Kickstarter to offer a new take on the Kindle Fire case. A case that addresses a shortcoming, and works with most other Kindle Fire book style cases. The Soot Kickstand for […]

GottaBeFunded: Beautiful Picture Frame For Your Old iPad

iframe photo

Now that you’ve preordered the new iPad, you need to do something with your old iPad. If you’re not planning on selling it, you might want to invest in the iFrame on Kickstarter. iFrame is a beautiful looking wooden frame that turns your old iPad into an elegant looking photo frame.  The iFrame works with […]

GottaBeFunded: Last Alert – Find Your iPhone Even When It’s Dead

Last Alert iPhone Apps

Dan Shapley spends an inordinate amount of time looking for his iPhone. It’s not that he’s prone to losing it himself so much, he just lives in a house with game-obsessed kids. “I’ve got three kids that continually sneak off to some corner of the house with my iPhone, play games until the battery dies, […]

GottaBeFunded: SolMate Solar Power Inductive Charging iPhone Case

SolMate iPhone case

Imagine an iPhone case that charges your phone with solar power, is compatible with industry standard wireless charging and looks good while protecting your iPhone. If that sounds like your kind of case, the SolMate iPhone case is a KickStarter project you should back right now, before the backing closes and you have to wait […]