Tech Giants Ally to Fight the Government


In a rare move to fight the man, eight large technology firms are allying together to ask for reform in government surveillance. Led by a coalition that includes Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and others, these firms are putting their differences aside, at least temporarily, in an open letter to President Obama asking that the U.S. […]

BlackBerry’s Bailout May Come From an Unlikely Source


Can the NSA save BlackBerry? Though struggling Canadian smartphone-maker BlackBerry is still trying to sell itself to the highest bidder, the company, once a shell of its former glory, may find an unlikely ally in the U.S. in the form of the NSA, or National Security Agency. With allegations over unauthorized government spying performed by […]

Stuck in Traffic? Let your Elected Officials Know with I’m Stuck!

Traffic Jam

Everyone hates being stuck in traffic. Whether it is a traffic jam caused by an accident or road construction, or a lousy train that stopped in the middle of a crossing, we do not like to wait. Building America’s Future has created an app called I’m Stuck, and that promises an easy to way report traffic […]

Ford Talks Connected Cars, the Cloud and Data Security


During the Ford Trends conference, Jim Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow and director of Electrical and Electronics Systems, discussed the future of connected automobiles and storing data in the cloud. As part of the Evos concept, the vehicle will learn driving habits, routes, and even music preferences. In the current age of governments and companies […]

How to Be Ready for Severe Weather on iOS

Storm Shield Weather Radio app icon

At the time of this posting, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has issued a “HIGH RISK” severe weather threat for several large population areas in the United States. With recent storms hitting the Oklahoma City area, people are understandably on edge about this potential threat and are looking for ways […]

5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN internet lock (stock photo)

The Guardian recently revealed that a top secret government program was collecting metadata from Verizon as a way to link terrorists to each other. This collection is without oversight and does not target any particular individual. It also includes metadata of United States citizens call data. Then it was revealed that all the phone carriers in […]

Tesla Repays Government Loan 9 Years Early

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla is the first US automaker to pay back its loan from the government in its entirety, a full 9 years before it is due. If you are paying attention, not too long ago Tesla made a loan payment and announced that it would have the loan paid off in half the amount of time required. […]

OTTER Blocks Notifications and Texts While Driving


OTTER (One Touch Text Response System) is software developed to prevent distracted driving. The Otter App is available for Android, Blackberry and Nokia, and allows the user to create a set of rules to make it easier to stay in touch while driving. The software offers a “manual mode” that allows the user to select from three different […]

Checking Smartphone Maps While Driving Now Illegal in California

California Texting Ban

A court in the State of California ruled that using a smartphone to check map apps while driving was illegal. As a result, som people are concerned about how this will affect their experience behind the wheel. But while it seems like this law would ban all smartphone usage while driving, phone manufacturers already have […]

Chrysler Loses $10,000 per Fiat 500e Sold

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

The Fiat 500e is Chrysler’s first all-electric vehicle. The Fiat 500e is gearing up to go on sale, and last week Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne dropped a small bombshell when speaking at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress: Chrysler will lose approximately $10,000 on every 500e sold. Available only in California, the 500e serves Chrysler […]

Tesla Motors Posts Profitable Earnings with High-Tech Electric Cars

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors posted its first profitable quarter providing further proof that there is consumer demand for high-tech, electric cars that look more like a sports car than a family hauler. Tesla Motors announced its quarterly earnings on Wednesday. This is a significant moment for the US-based automaker and the CEO Elon Musk. Profitability is extremely important for a startup business, […]

Self-Driving Cars Need to Outmaneuver Lawyers

Google Self-Driving Car

Regardless where you stand on the issue of self-driving cars, the technology is developing rapidly. Google has been pioneering self-driving car technology and have a stellar reputation of being safe. Oxford University also has a self-driving car that is iPad controlled. At a recent conference at Stanford University, people discussed the advancement of self-driving cars […]

U.S. Government Publishes Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the talk of the nation these days. Gruesome reports of accidents that occur from texting while driving are on the rise. Adults text and drive even when they know that it is more dangerous to do so. New technology is even coming along to prevent distracted driving. The government has now chimed […]

BlackBerry Deemed Not Secure Enough for British Government


The British government dealt a major blow to struggling smartphone-maker BlackBerry by saying that its newest BlackBerry 10 operating system is not secure enough. BlackBerry has spent a considerable amount of time in developing BlackBerry 10 in the hopes of appealing to enterprise and government customers with the aid of the BlackBerry Balance feature that […]

Your iPhone or Android Passcode Won’t Stop Government Snooping

iphone passcode bypass

We always recommend putting a passcode on your new phone or tablet in order to keep prying eyes out of the your smartphone. This is a great solution to keep random strangers from snooping on your contacts and private data, but it isn’t enough to keep security professionals from breaking in. In the video below, […]

Russian Government Shuns iPad, Chooses BlackBerry PlayBook


In a win for Research in Motion, the Russian government is considering the ban on iPad for official use due to security concerns. Instead, Russia is considering adopting either Android tablets or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Another option would see a custom device created by a Russian agency, though it’s unclear whether that tablet would run […]

Pentagon Deploys Apps to Calm Troops, Worth a Look for Stressed Out Civilians


Going to war and coming home from war are incredibly stressful events. The Pentagon knows that PTSD and other stress-related disorders are a major obstacle for soldiers returning to civilian life. Now, soldiers have another tool to help deal with stress and PTSD. Unlike a therapist, this tool is always with them. These tools are familiar […]

Town Uses iPads to Go Paperless. What Schools & Congress Can Learn

Paper is expensive and messy compared to the iPad

The town of Cornelius in North Carolina pushed paper to the side of the table this year and chose to use iPads to reduce printing expenses. Replacing paper with the iPad already saved me thousands of dollars, and it could help schools and the federal government save big as well. How It Saves The town […]

Fed Going Apple Might Not Be Great for Consumers

President Obama Carries and iPad 2

The Washington Post tells us that the Federal Government is going Apple pointing to agencies such as the Army, Congress and even the President himself using iPads now. They also mention that tech upgrades are moving more quickly, driven by the desire of their users to have technology at work as good as what they […]