Nokia Focuses on Location, Mapping for Growth


*+-After having launched its 3D mapping campaign through Ovi Maps at the Where 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, CA, Nokia may be looking at an even larger re-organization campaign to deliver value to users through location services an apps. Nokia will be bridging its mobile phone business together with Navteq, which it had acquired, and […]

iPhone Tracker Shows Your Tracks


*+-Do you know where your iPhone says you’ve been? If you’re one of those folks who are curious about how your smartphones track you this little application offers an interesting look into where you’ve been. iPhone Tracker installs on an OSX device that you’ve been syncing your iPhone to. It then scans your iPhone backup […]

How to Fix Slow GPS Locking on HTC Thunderbolt


*+-If you are experiencing slow or inaccurate GPS locking on the HTC Thunderbolt, there is a free app that can help you get a GPS lock quicker. This is for users of stock HTC Thunderbolt phones or rooted phones. While there is reportedly a new HTC Thunderbolt firmware that should help with getting a GPS […]

Updated BlackBerry Traffic Allows Users to Select Between Alternate Routes

Macintosh HDUsersdsoltysDesktopUnknown

*+-A new update to BlackBerry Traffic will be showing up in BlackBerry’s app store known as App World. According to maker Research in Motion, the new update to BlackBerry Traffic will allow users to select between two alternate routes, giving users the option to select the faster and least congested path of travel. Here are […]

Motorola Xoom Owner Creates Custom Dash Mount for Tablet


*+-Feeling left out of the party now that we had reported earlier that Sound Man Car Audio had created a custom car mount for the iPad 2 for the Ford F150, which looks like the tablet was a stock option for the truck? Well, one Motorola Xoom owner decided to create his own custom dash […]

iPad 2 Gets Custom In-Dash Mount on Ford F150 Truck


*+-Tablets with integrated GPS by way of the 3G or 4G modem on WiFi + 3G models are great tools for navigation, thanks to their larger screens. Additionally, as Apple’s iPad 2 also comes with integrated storage, wireless broadband access thanks to integrated AT&T or Verizon 3G, and a plethora of apps, its versatility as […]

Google Maps Navigates Android Users Around Traffic


*+-Google Maps with Navigation, currently a beta product, provides turn-by-turn voice guided instructions to Android smartphone users and now the service will help calculate routes by taking into consideration traffic data. The new feature doesn’t require any setting changes or any action from the user, according to the Google Maps blog. All users would need […]

RIM Announces BlackBerry Protect Now Available in Open Beta

BlackBerry Protect

*+-Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Protect is a remote finder and wiper for misplaced, lost, or stolen BlackBerry smartphones that is similar to MobileMe’s Find My iPhone or other third-party security software solutions on the market today. Previously available only as a private beta, RIM is now opening BlackBerry Protect to users in North America and […]

VZ Navigator for Thunderbolt Now in Android Market, But Where’s the Phone?

HTC Thunderbolt VZNavigator

*+-While Verizon Wireless has still not announced availability of the HTC Thunderbolt, a 4G LTE Android smartphone, the carrier has already released a version of its turn-by-turn GPS app compatible with the device and available for download in Google’s Android Market. VZ Navigator is a turn-by-turn GPS solution that is offered either as an a […]

Man Battles Speeding Ticket With Android App, GPS


*+-When a man in Yolo County, California was cited with a ticket for going 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, he went to court to fight the ticket armed with his Android smartphone with its GPS capabilities. For evidence and to rebute his citation, the man, who was using the Google Tracks app at […]

iOS Gets Free iPhone Navigation App with Offline Maps


*+-The iPhone is now getting its own free third-party GPS turn-by-turn navigation app with locally stored map data that doesn’t require constant Internet access–unlike TeleNav (branded as AT&T Nav on the iPhone) or Google Maps with Navigation on the Android platform. The 1.6 GB worth of crowd-sourced map data is locally stored on your iPhone’s […]

Map-Maker Navteq Goes Crowd-Sourcing with Trapster Acquisition


*+-Navteq, which is a wholly-owned Nokia subsidiary, has just acquired Trapster, which is a crowd-sourcing service where motorists mark locations on the map where police have speed traps set-up. The Trapstser service is used by 9.4 million people and provide user-generated content on road checks, hazards, and other information. Whether we’ll begin to see more […]

Google Maps for Mobile 5 goes 3D, another nail in coffin for GPS vendors


*+-If smartphones are killing the market for standalone GPS units, then Google Maps for mobile 5 is the last nail in the coffin as Google puts the competition into the ground. Not only does this version, which previewed on the Motorola tablet prototype running Android 3.0, offer rough 3D views of locations, but it stores […]

TomTom Offers iPhone 4 Users Free Adapter for iPhone Car Kit


*+-If you’re using TomTom’s navigation App and car kit for the iPhone and have moved from an iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4, you probably discovered that the new design of the iPhone hardware doesn’t quite work with the car kit. I’m glad I didn’t purchase one of those kits from TomTom, but I was […]

GPS getting more accurate, from 20ft to an arm’s length


*+-The Los Angeles Times reports that the U.S. government is dropping eight billion dollars to upgrade and improve our GPS satellite system. While the price tag might get the goat of those who decry wasteful government spending, one look at how much our modern economy relies on GPS and $8B looks like a bargain.

Mobile Conundrum: One Device or Multiple Devices?


*+-The quest for a “one device to rule them all” probably still exists for many who like to consume or create their data on the go. I have to admit, it still does for me. But, with the coming wave of eBook readers, multi-touch PMPs, the rebirth of UMPCs, and other small mobile devices, it […]

Are Personal Navigation Devices in ‘Terminal Decline’?


*+-A European Bloomberg reporter wrote an article about the business side of personal navigation devices. An industry analyst said that sales of standalone personal navigation devices are in a terminal decline. TomTom and Garmin execs disagree and think the market will grow for at least a couple more years. Analysts in the Bloomberg report point […]

TomTom Navigation Comes To The iPhone

*+-Being mobile for us is part of the game we play.   Many of us use a portable GPS mounted in the car Now there is a new option if you have an iPhone! Turn by Turn using TomTom on the iPhone!   Noted as being available ‘this summer’. Updates as more becomes available