How to bookmark your current location on the iPhone

Back from the Blue Ridge, and my first order of business (after the usual first order of business) is to determine the best way to bookmark my current location on my iPhone. The Google Maps app is great when you’re trying to find a place you can name, but not so great when you don’t […]

Nuance Speech Recognition Technology Powers Microsoft SYNC


I had a lot of fun testing out Ford’s Escape Hybrid and their Microsoft SYNC technology. As I expressed in my posts and demoed in my videos, my kids and I had some struggles with the speech recognition aspect, though. During my evaluation, I was surprised to find out that Nuance ( the company behind […]

OQO Announces New GPS Accessory

OQO is announcing support for one of the most frequently requested accessories for the OQO Model 02, a GPS attachment. The Garmin Mobile PC is a very small USB based GPS unit that includes route planning and turn-by-turn spoken instructions, just like dedicated GPS units. I’ll be trying this out over the next few days […]

GPS BlueTooth RearView Mirror

On some levels this only makes sense to me. If you’re using a standalone GPS in your car you have to think about where it is going to ride and the installation. Of course there are a number of mounting solutions out there just for that purpose. But a Chinese company has come up with […]

Win Streets and Trips 2008 and a GPS Unit

This would be great for making that UMPC into a carputer.  Laptop GPS World is giving away a fully loaded package to two lucky winners!!  Head over and sign up!  I had Streets and Trips running on my R2H for a while and it did a really good job.  This prize would allow you to […]

Going Mobile To St. Louis – Part 1

In this InkShow, I showed off the kit I was using in my van, showing different technologies like GPS, Zune, TC1100, iPhone, etc. Over the next several days, I’m going to discuss what worked and didn’t work, as well cover some other mobile technology issues I ran in to. First off – GPS. As I […]

GBM InkShow: Going Mobile

By the time most of you watch this, my family and I will be well in to  our 13 hour journey to St. Louis. Before leaving, I recorded this InkShow about my in-car set up, complete with an eval HP 310 Travel Companion GPS, a Zune mounted with a ProClipUSA mount, a TC1100 Tablet PC, […]

Vasser College using GIS and Tablet PC’s

Vasser College has been using Tablet PC’s since a grant in 2004 and now it’s time for an upgrade!  Meg over at GIS @ Vasser put up a nice post on what they considered for their replacements.  The Tablet PC’c compared are: HP TC 4400 Lenovo ThinkPad\ Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 HP 2710P As you read […]

Mapfactor GPS Navigation Software Reviewed

Folks looking for another GPS solution for their ultra-mobile pc’s or tablet pcs should take a look Mapfactor PC Navigator 7. Mavin Hlavac of has written up a review, and has come away quite impressed. Give it a read! Mapfactor uses map data by Teleatlas. Teleatlas and Navteq are the two largest map data […]