A giant solar array provides 100 percent of the power to Apple's Maiden, N.C. data center

Apple Goes Green for iCloud Power

Today Apple announced that 75 percent of its corporate facilities across the globe no rely on renewable energy for power instead of fossil fuels, up from 35 per...

Why Ford Should Make a Green Smartphone

While smartphone manufacturers have moved past the days of neon green trim on green smartphones, environmentally friendly smartphones remain niche products that...

Powertrekk’s Battery Powered By Water, But Is It Green?

I consider myself a green-minded person and always up to try new, Earth-friendly methods of powering the many gadgets I carry on a daily basis. So, in theory, I should be excited about the Powertrekk water-powered battery pack. But there are some major caveats.
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How Green is the iPhone? [Infographic]

The same people at Geekaphone who brought you the interesting infographic about the iPhone camera which we posted have a new infographic about the environmental...