Bad Joo Joo: Fusion Garage Goes Off the Grid PR Team to Quit

Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet

*+-The saga of Fusion Garage looks like it may have come to an unfortunate end. According to a report on The Verge, founder Chandra Rathakrishnan has been uncommunicative for a period of time, customers can’t get any responses from a dead website, and the US PR firm representing Fusion Garage is pulling the plug on […]

Who Is TabCo? Fusion Garage. Their Amazing New Tablet? The Grid 10.

Fusion Garage Grid10

*+-The answer to “Who is TabCo?” finally got an answer today, though it may not be the one anybody wanted. TabCo is actually just Fusion Garage. You know, the JooJoo people. Their new tablet is called the Grid 10, not the JooJoo 2. Acknowledging that no one would have paid attention to or taken them […]