Commitmentphobia? 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Unlocked GSM Smartphone


Recent events in the wireless industry have re-ignited interest in the unlocked handset market, including legislation and petitions to re-legalize unlocking in the U.S., T-Mobile’s UNcarrier announcement, and a number of new smartphones that are being debuted first internationally with a month or two of delay before being available in the U.S. If you’re on […]

Unlocked Xperia ZL Will Work on AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s LTE Networks


While U.S. customers can already begin importing the Xperia Z smartphone, Sony’s Xperia ZL may be a better fit for customers on AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE U.S. networks. The reason being is that the unlocked Xperia Z does not support LTE bands compatible with those operated by either U.S. carriers whereas the Xperia ZL […]

GSM Droid DNA Now Called HTC Butterfly

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 12.50.00 AM

It looks like the GSM version of the HTC Droid DNA (Verizon) will be called the HTC Butterfly. The smartphone-maker had quietly announced the HTC Butterfly via a landing page on its website, and the device bears identical design to its Verizon sibling as well as share the same high-end specs as the HTC J […]

Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA to Launch as HTC Deluxe Internationally


It looks like Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA may be coming to other markets outside the U.S. Outside of Verizon’s home base, the high-end smartphone will shed its Droid name and get cloned as the HTC Deluxe, which will reportedly feature the same quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and the awesome 5-inch 1080p full HD display. […]

Verizon Quietly Updating HTC Rezound for Global Roaming


It appears that Verizon Wireless is quietly rolling out a software update patch for the HTC Rezound to enable global GSM roaming. The update clocks in at 103.7 MB and is appearing on several users’ phones at this time. It appears that this update activates the hidden GSM chipset on the phone to allow the […]

Unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Now In Stock At Google Play

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 8.11.22 PM

Our very own eagle-eyed editor Adam Mills spotted that the Galaxy Nexus is now back in stock through the Google Play Store and will ship in three to five business days. The smartphone retails for $349, an impressively low price for a contract-free, unlocked device that you can take to any GSM carrier of your […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Editors’ Choice


The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best Android smartphone to date and the company’s successor to the Galaxy S II device that was launched last year as the Galaxy S II on AT&T and T-Mobile and the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint. The touchscreen-only smartphone will compete against the HTC One X series as well […]

Global Roaming Coming to Verizon’s Galaxy S III in the Future?


While it’s still unclear why Verizon may be launching the Galaxy S III later than some of its rival U.S. carriers like T-Mobile USA and Sprint, Verizon’s Galaxy S III, which will work on the carrier’s CDMA and 4G LTE network will be getting a software update in the future to unlock some features that […]

Apple Compels AT&T to Unlock iPhone for Customer


In a bold move and a gesture of goodwill to customers, Apple had compelled its carrier partner AT&T to unlock an older iPhone model to be used when traveling internationally. The customer had tried to work with AT&T to unlock his iPhone 3GS unsuccessfully prior to reaching out to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who, like […]

Wireless Heavyweights Oppose Apple’s NanoSIM Standard


In an effort to create slimmer, sleeker, and smaller products, Apple is hoping to make the SIM card as small as possible. The company had done that once already, migrating from the traditional SIM standard to the micro SIM format, which is now being employed on the company’s iPhone and iPad as well as rival […]

Is 2G GSM at the End of Life with AT&T?


Following T-Mobile‘s move to re-purpose 2G GSM spectrum, it looks like rival carrier AT&T will be doing the same as bandwidth constraints will become an issue with 4G LTE deployment and consumers using more data than before thanks to more Internet-connected services, cloud storage solutions, and faster mobile broadband spurring increased content consumption on capable […]

Nokia Announces HSPA+ Lumia 900


In addition to having announced a 4G LTE version of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 900 for AT&T in the U.S. last month at the Consumer Electronics Show, Nokia is kicking off Mobile World Congress with the announcement that the 4.3-inch camera-capable smartphone will be crossing the Atlantic with an HSPA+ version. The 4G LTE version that’s […]

White Nokia Lumia 900 Now Available for Pre-Orders


While AT&T still has not officially announced a launch date or pricing for its 4G LTE-capable Nokia Lumia 900 that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, Internet-retailer Negri Electronics is now accepting pre-orders for a white variant of the Lumia 900. AT&T and Nokia had said at CES that the […]

Asus: No 3G Variant of Transformer Prime Planned


After speculations that Asus would be introducing a 3G GSM variant of its Transformer Prime flagship quad-core tablet this Spring, Asus is coming forward and saying that no such model is part of its roadmap. Users looking to obtain the Transformer Prime will have to settle for the WiFi-only model, which will be available in […]

Unlocked U.S. iPhone Owners Can Now Tap 3G On T-Mobile USA


In the past, GSM owners of the iPhone could either choose to stick with AT&T for 3G HSPA coverage, or opt to unlock their devices through whatever means and use it on T-Mobile’s more economical plans in the U.S. on 2G EDGE service. Now, the nation’s fourth largest carrier is making the choice a little […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 4G Does Not Support Voice Calls


There had been some conflicting information on whether the Samsung T-Mobile Galaxy 7.0 Plus with a SIM card for T-Mobile USA’s 4G HSPA+ network will support voice call, and the answer is no. We have just received our unit of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for T-Mobile–the WiFi version was already reviewed–and we’ll be posting […]

Easy Self-Service Method to SIM-Unlock Your iPhone 4, 4S


Looking to roam the world but don’t want to pay costly roaming charges to your domestic carrier of choice, but are unwilling to pay a high unsubsidized fee for an unlocked iPhone? Well, there’s a hidden feature inside Apple’s iOS operating system that will allow users to quickly SIM unlock their devices without requiring a […]

Nano-SIM Design Proposes 30 Percent Smaller Footprint Than Micro-SIM


SIM card format developer Giesecke & Devrient is proposing new specifications for a new SIM format called the nano-SIM, which will be 30 percent smaller than today’s micro-SIM and 60 percent smaller than mini-SIM. The micro-SIM is being increasingly adopted by various smartphone-makers and is appearing on devices such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on […]

Unlocked, Contract-Free iPhone 4S Delivered in November


If you’re a frequent traveler, getting a truly unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S may be a better option than getting a subsidized handset through a carrier, like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. The benefit of an unlocked handset allows you to just use a local or pre-paid SIM card when you’re abroad so that you can choose […]