GTA: San Andreas Finally Arrives on Windows Phone

GTA San Andreas

It took a bit of extra time but now users of devices with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system installed can also commit robberies and amass wealth in the criminal underworld in GTA: San Andreas. Like it’s iOS and Android counterparts, GTA: San Andreas for Windows Phone allows user to run around the fictional city of San […]

GTA: San Andreas Can Finally Rob Android Users Of Their Free Time

GTA San Andreas

Users who own a device running Google’s Android operating system can finally download GTA: San Andreas, the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Available now for just $6.99, GTA: San Andreas is a pretty in-depth remastered version of the same game that made its way to the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 last […]

GTA: San Andreas Arrives on iOS

grand theft auto san andreas for ios

Now iPhone and iPad users can rob, kill and cause mayhem without ever having to pick up a console video controller. Starting today, users can purchase an updated version of Rockstar’s GTA: San Andreas. Instead of just being a port of the original game, which debuted in 2004, GTA: San Andreas for iOS is all […]

GTA: San Andreas Coming to iOS with Physical Controller Support

grand theft auto san andreas

It seems GTA V won’t be the only Rockstar Game that convinces users to take on a new life as a criminal. The Grand Theft Auto developer has announced that it will rerelease Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a mobile game for the iPhone, iPad and devices running Android and Windows Phone. While a […]