Google Wallet Hack Brings Support for Verizon Galaxy S III

Verizon Galaxy S III owners can now use Google Wallet.

While Google Wallet support for the Verizon Galaxy S III remains unofficial, a hack has made the service available to those that wish to use it on the device. Mike Beauchamp and Dustin Evans have, according to Engadget, successfully gotten Google Wallet up and running on the Verizon version of the Galaxy S III, a […]

NFC Exploit Can Expose Your Android Smartphone


A vulnerability has been found by hacker Charlie Miller at the Black Hat USA hacking conference that reveals how select Android and Nokia phones can be hijacked by someone in close proximity to the devices. On more recent Android OS versions, NFC has been used not only for digital wallet and mobile payments through services […]

Nokia N9 Smartphone Hacked to Run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 1.38.45 AM

The Nokia N9, an experimental smartphone released by Nokia with the MeeGo operating system, has been recently hacked to run Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Ironically, while many Android smartphones are still awaiting an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade from carriers and device manufacturers, Windows Phone-maker Nokia’s N9 is among the first […]

iOS Hack Bypasses In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad

iOS Hack Bypasses In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad

A Russian hacker has found a way to bypass Apple’s in-app purchasing process without any sort of jailbreak. 9to5Mac is reporting that the hacker has come up with an “in-app proxy” method that allows users on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to get in-app purchases for free just by following a few steps. The […]

Watch Multiple iPad Apps Running On Screen at the Same Time

multiple iPad apps on screen at once

Using two apps side by side on the iPad is one of the few limitations that prevents me from using the iPad to replace a laptop. The stock iPad cannot display two apps side by side, which means there’s no way to reference a webpage while writing or follow a twitter feed while watching Hulu […]

Simple Software Tweak Enhances Battery Life on HTC One X Flagship


HTC’s quad-core One X flagship Android smartphone–coming to the U.S. with dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipsets instead–is arguably one of the best Android smartphones available today. However, early adopters of the HTC One X notices that the device has a short-lived battery life, requiring users to plug in far more frequent than they’d like. As the […]

Stride Jailbreak Utility Brings Natural Drawing to iPhone Unlock

iPhone 4S jailbreak

A new jailbreak utility called Stride, which is available in the jailbreak app store called Cydia for $2.99, brings natural drawing to iPhone unlocking. Rather than prompting users for a PIN or alphanumeric passcode, jailbroken iOS users can now draw their gestures on the phone’s display to unlock their devices. The feature is similar to […]

Nook Simple Touch Hack Brings Multi-Touch to Barnes & Noble’s E-Ink Reader


While Barnes & Noble had conceived its Nook Simple Touch as a simple greyscale E-Ink electronic book reader, that’s not stopping developers and hackers from envisioning additional capabilities for the device. As the device runs a customized version of the Android operating system at its core, and like its color LCD counterparts in the forms […]

Nokia N9 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Dual-Boot

Nokia N9 with Ice Cream Sandwich

The Nokia N9, Nokia’s first and last MeeGo smartphone, is now a lot more appealing thanks to the work done by¬†Nitdroid. Thanks to the Nitdroid team, there’s now a working Alpha build of the Nokia N9 dual-booting MeeGo and Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich on the N9 obviously […]

Car Mod Integrates New iPad in Center Dash Console


While new cars come with fancy touchscreen systems, GPS navigation, and stereos that support various sources of input as well as streaming music, the holy grail for those who modify their cars is to do anything and everything by integrating a computer–or carputer. When Apple had debuted the original iPad some three years ago, the […]

Software Hack Activates T-Mobile USA 4G on AT&T’s Galaxy Note


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3-inch phablet is currently only available on AT&T’s U.S. network. The phone is listed with AT&T’s 4G LTE network support, along with 4G HSPA+ bands that support AT&T’s network. As AT&T and T-Mobile USA operate on different 3G/4G HSPA+ bands, phones without a pentaband 3G radio will not be cross-compatible between […]

Forget the Hype Behind Windows 8 on ARM, Try Windows XP on EVO 3D


While the hype in the tablet and PC space behind Microsoft’s camp may be Windows 8 running with satisfying prowess on ARM processors, hackers aren’t stopping there and have taken matters into their own hands. With dual-core gigahertz plus ARM CPUs on current flagship smartphones today, hackers have now successfully created ports allowing users to […]

Singapore Issues Military Hardware-Hacked iPhones


In an effort to providing its military personnel with iPhones and balancing the role of smartphones with national security, it appears that Singapore carriers are now offering Apple’s iPhone without cameras. The models being offered are not official models released by Apple, but rather are modified versions made by the carriers. Carriers in Singapore, like […]

Official HTC Bootloader Unlock Utility Compatible with Droid Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, and Devices Released After September 2011


HTC has revised its official HTC Bootloader Unlock tool to make it compatible with a number of older devices in addition to any device released after September 2011. In addition to being compatible with the recently released HTC Rezound for Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network, it is also compatible with the 3G-only HTC Droid Incredible […]

MOTOACTV Sports Watch Becomes World’s Smallest Honeycomb Tablet


While Android Honeycomb barely just recently made it to the smaller 7-inch screen form factor thanks to the release of Android 3.2, developers are hard at work on pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a tablet. The latest hack comes by way of Chris Wade, a developer who is successful in porting Google’s tablet OS […]

Netflix HD App Ported to Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Though Netflix is officially available on Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Nexus with a 720p HD Super AMOLED display, the official app doesn’t stream content in native 720p HD resolution. Thankfully, for pixel-discerning users, developers over at XDA-Developers have been able to port the Netflix HD streaming app to the device, though early work in porting […]

How to Get Google Wallet On Verizon Galaxy Nexus Sans Root


Previously, we had reported that Google Wallet’s NFC-based digital wallet would work on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus with root, but now developers over at XDA-Developers have been successful in porting the app to Verizon’s Google-phone without requiring root. The app could be installed as an APK–you’ll need to allow for non-Android Market apps […]