More Credit Card Breaches Expected to Come, Says FBI

Credit Card Breach

The big story over the past couple of weeks has been the huge credit card hack on Target and Neiman Marcus, both of which suffered a breach where millions and millions of credit card numbers were stolen from the stores’ payment systems, but the FBI says that we’re just getting started. According to Reuters, the FBI […]

Syrian Electronic Army Goes on Hacking Rampage

Syrian Electronic Army

As a way to apparently ring in the new year, the Syrian Electronic Army has been making its way through Microsoft’s various websites and social media accounts, first hacking into Skype’s Big Blog and the IM service’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. About a week or so later, the Army hacked into Microsoft’s blog […]

2013 Story of the Year Was Data Security and Privacy


In some years the story of the year is the story of something that happened, was remarked on, and passed into history. In 2013, the big story is not only that, but a story that will be with us going forward in ways that we’re just beginning to understand and come to grips with. The […]

Amazon Prime Air Already Threatened by ‘SkyJack’ Hacking Drones


Amazon’s publicity stunt earlier this week has certainly caught the eye of pretty much everyone interested in new delivery technologies, which again, is pretty much everyone since we all want our packages to arrive as soon as possible. However, there are way too many factors that make Amazon Prime Air not really feasible yet, namely […]

Security Experts Offering Bounty for iPhone 5s Touch ID Hack


Apple’s new iPhone 5s comes with a handful of new features, and one of the standout features is the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Home button. This allows you unlock your phone and authorize iTunes purchases using literally the tip of your finger, making it a lot easier compared to entering in a […]

With the Rise of Malware, Your Dumb Home May Be Safer Than a Smart Home


With the allure of simplifying your life by connecting your home to the Internet–with things like smart appliances, digital door locks, remotely accessible security cameras, and the ability to monitor and shut off your water or electricity from anywhere there is Internet connectivity–users should consider the unintended consequences of hacking. As consumers begin eyeing adding […]

Hackers Take Control of Vehicle Door Locks Remotely

Keyless Entry Hack

Automotive electronics are becoming quite advanced. In the past, each electrical component of a vehicle would operate independently of the other systems. In modern vehicles, manufacturers utilize CAN bus (Controller Area Network) to allow each computer component to be able to talk to each other. This technology allows for state-of-the-art infotainment systems, radar cruise control […]

iOS In-App Purchase Hack Will Remain Until iOS 6

The in-app purchase hack won't be thwarted completely until iOS 6 arrives.

A Russian hacker who was able to conjure up an exploit that allowed iPhone and iPad users to steal in-app paid content for free, says that the exploit will remain available until Apple releases iOS 6 in the fall. On his website, Russian hacker Alexey V. Borodin states that Apple has implemented a fix that […]

Apple Fighting In-App Purchase Hack

Apple is still fighting against an in-app purchase hack.

It appears that Apple has begun taking steps to combat the in-app purchase hack that has plagued some iOS apps since last week. However, the service still remains functional, even after the company’s measures. According to The Next Web, Apple has taken steps to shut down the in-app purchase hack that was unleashed for the […]

Apple Investigating In-App Purchase Hack

Apple is investigating a hack used to get paid in-app content for free.

Apple is investigating a newly found hack that allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to get paid content inside of applications for free. The company has issued a statement to the New York Times saying that it is aware of the hack and that it is currently investigating the issue. The fact that Apple […]

iOS Hack Bypasses In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad

iOS Hack Bypasses In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad

A Russian hacker has found a way to bypass Apple’s in-app purchasing process without any sort of jailbreak. 9to5Mac is reporting that the hacker has come up with an “in-app proxy” method that allows users on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to get in-app purchases for free just by following a few steps. The […]

Siri Could be Coming to iPhone 4 Thanks to Apple Goof

Siri on iPhone 4S

Since the iPhone 4S is essentially the iPhone 4 with Siri, users have been looking for ways to port the new feature to the older hardware. Up to this point efforts have violated copyright and been impractical. Thanks to what can only be a mistake on the part of Apple, this may no longer be true. […]

CyanogenMod Brings Android to the HP TouchPad [Video]

CyanogenMod running on HP Touchpad

The CyanogenMod Team, those wonderful hackers who help to make Android so much better on dozens of devices, turned their attention to the HP Touchpad. Their work brings new life to a previously “sort of dead” device by porting Android to it. Thanks to a $2,300 reward by HackNMod, there are plenty of people working […]

Voicemail Hacking: How to Keep Your Calls Safe

voicemail indicator

Voicemail hacking. It sounds like something out of a conspiracy theory or spy novel, but recent events in the U.K. have shown that anyone from a murdered 13 year old to Hugh Grant can be a victim of voicemail tapping or hacking. Unfortunately, voicemail hacking is pretty easy to pull off with a collection of […]

Hack Attack on Gawker Media Means Time to Change Your Password


If you’ve ever created an account and left a comment on Gizmodo, LifeHacker or any of the Gawker Media sites, this would be a good time to change your passwords, especially if you use the same password on other sites. A group of hackers called Gnosis launched the attack and comprised passwords have already led […]