Unoffical Patch Restores Atom Support for Hackinstoshers


Be warned, this is not supported by Apple. But if that doesn’t scare you off (and show me a hacker that it would), you can restore Atom support to OSX 10.6.2 on your hackintosh device with an unofficial patch. The recent OS update pulled the plug on Atom chip support in Snow Leopard, which left […]

You May Still Be Able to Put OSX on a Netbook

Well, we labeled it a rumor when we first reported it yesterday morning because the word that the latest Apple build for its next update to OSX would put the kabosh on all those Hackintosh Netbooks out there. But then it became a fact just about everywhere, including here later in the day. Now comes […]

Rumor: OSX 10.6.2 to Shut Down Atom Support

Watch out all you Hackinstoshers out there. Rumors are circulating that Apple is going to pull the plug on (or put in a patch) that will prevent OSX from running on Atom chipsets with the latest update to its operating system (OSX 10.6.2).  While the excitement over running Apple’s OS on a Netbook seems to […]

Hackintoshers Seeing Better Battery Life after OSX Update


This is a curious one. Apple released an update to OSX yesterday or the day before (OSX 10.5.7). While some Macbook folks are reporting some problems after the update, some folks who have installed OSX on Netbooks are reporting an increase in battery life. Talk about interesting. Via The Apple Blog

Maybe There Is No Need for an Apple Netbook


Why should Apple make a Netbook? There doesn’t really seem to be a need. Apparently going the Hackintosh route is providing the same thing, just without any money flowing Cupertino’s way. And then again, Mr.. Jobs has said that they can’t make one for the price point that would cut his vision of mustard. It […]

Hackintosh Netbook Benchmarked


Although putting OS X on your netbook may be illegal and certainly violates the EULA, one curious individual has taken the time to benchmark the MSI Wind clone, the Advent 2411.   JayPan at Apple Different has posted numerous benchmarks comparing the Advent 2411 to an older iBook G4, a MacBook Air, and a Dell […]

OS X Realtek Wireless Driver for MSI Wind Released


It appears that MSI Wind netbook owners who patiently waited for W-Fi support and took the risk of installing OS X on their machines may now have drivers for their factory installed Realtek Wi-Fi cards.  Although not posted on the official Realtek site, this thread at tracks consumer emails to and from Realtek, the […]