Mr Jump Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Walkthroughs

Jump at the last possible instance and try to land in the middle of the next platform.

Mr Jump is an addictive new iPhone game that delivers simple looking, but incredibly difficult levels in a free game that is more than just another endless runner. Use these Mr Jump tips to get past the hardest levels without paying 99 cents to unlock and watch Mr Jump walkthrough videos to see exactly when […]

More Credit Card Breaches Expected to Come, Says FBI

Credit Card Breach

The big story over the past couple of weeks has been the huge credit card hack on Target and Neiman Marcus, both of which suffered a breach where millions and millions of credit card numbers were stolen from the stores’ payment systems, but the FBI says that we’re just getting started. According to Reuters, the FBI […]

Syrian Electronic Army Goes on Hacking Rampage

Syrian Electronic Army

As a way to apparently ring in the new year, the Syrian Electronic Army has been making its way through Microsoft’s various websites and social media accounts, first hacking into Skype’s Big Blog and the IM service’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. About a week or so later, the Army hacked into Microsoft’s blog […]

Amazon Prime Air Already Threatened by ‘SkyJack’ Hacking Drones


Amazon’s publicity stunt earlier this week has certainly caught the eye of pretty much everyone interested in new delivery technologies, which again, is pretty much everyone since we all want our packages to arrive as soon as possible. However, there are way too many factors that make Amazon Prime Air not really feasible yet, namely […]

Security Experts Offering Bounty for iPhone 5s Touch ID Hack


Apple’s new iPhone 5s comes with a handful of new features, and one of the standout features is the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Home button. This allows you unlock your phone and authorize iTunes purchases using literally the tip of your finger, making it a lot easier compared to entering in a […]

How to Speed Up the iPhone 5: Overcome Apple’s Limits

Supercharge iPhone 5 speeds.

News broke this week that Apple is slowing down the iPhone 5 on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, which means longer load times and can lead to longer download times. While Apple is not yet commenting on claims it is slowing down the iPhone 5, there are tweaks that can speed up the connections on all […]

Qualcomm Supports Custom ROMs by Proxy With Release of Adreno GPU Drivers


Qualcomm has released graphics drivers for its Snapdragon ARM processors, which makes use of Adreno graphics, to Android developers. The move is a welcomed one from the developer community as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich supports hardware acceleration and without the newly available graphics drivers from Qualcomm, developing custom Android 4.0 ROMs would be a […]

Cornerstone Hack Brings ‘Windows’ to CM9 ROMs for Android Tablets

Cornerstone allows users to open apps in windows

Cornerstone is a new hack that brings a more efficient multitasking experience to Android tablets running on CyanogenMod 9 ROMs. While both Google and Apple have made strides with the tablet experience on Android and iOS slates respectively, neither consumer mobile tablet operating systems go far enough to bring true desktop-like multitasking. On Google’s Honeycomb […]

Forget the Hype Behind Windows 8 on ARM, Try Windows XP on EVO 3D


While the hype in the tablet and PC space behind Microsoft’s camp may be Windows 8 running with satisfying prowess on ARM processors, hackers aren’t stopping there and have taken matters into their own hands. With dual-core gigahertz plus ARM CPUs on current flagship smartphones today, hackers have now successfully created ports allowing users to […]

MOTOACTV Sports Watch Becomes World’s Smallest Honeycomb Tablet


While Android Honeycomb barely just recently made it to the smaller 7-inch screen form factor thanks to the release of Android 3.2, developers are hard at work on pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a tablet. The latest hack comes by way of Chris Wade, a developer who is successful in porting Google’s tablet OS […]

18 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S

Five Icon Switcher

The iPhone 4S has been available for a month, and we are still waiting for a proper jailbreak. You might want to know why so many of us are excited for an iPhone 4S jailbreak, so I have rounded up 18 reasons to jailbreak the iPhone 4S. I’ve already shared 5 reasons I am excited, […]

Easy Eee PC Chiclet Keyboard Skin


Looking for a cheap way to customize your netbook’s keyboard?   Eee PC owners that have the newer chiclet-style keyboard may be interested in this post over at the forums.   Forum contributor, Cms, has developed several templates that can be modified, printed, cut and dropped on your Eee PC for a flashy new […]