LaCie Sphere External Hard Drive Is the Perfect Match to the Mac Pro

LaCie Sphere

*+-If you’re looking for an external hard drive to go along with your spankin’-new Mac Pro’s cylindrical look, LaCie just made official a new external hard drive that’s essentially a chrome ball that sits on your desk, making it one of the more attractive external hard drives we’ve ever seen. It’s called the Sphere, and […]

Western Digital Adding Helium to Hard Drives for Denser Storage


*+-Western Digital is now starting to ship its hard drives with helium inside in order to make more room for more storage in a single hard drive. HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital, has announced that it is now shipping a 6TB hard drive known as the Ultrastar He6. The new drive uses 23% less […]

DriveSavers Revives Irreplaceable Memories

Still frame from lost video of my grandparents

*+-DriveSavers might not be a household name, but it’s the most important tech company to my family right now. The company performed a minor miracle by recovering a cherished video of my grandparents from a dead iMac drive. About a decade ago I sat down with my grandparents at their dinner table with a video […]

LaCie 5big Thunderbolt RAID Brings up to 20TB of Fast Storage


*+-LaCie unveiled the 5big, a RAID storage solution that features Thunderbolt transfer speeds and up to 20TB of storage capacity. The solution is fast to meet the needs of video producers and others working with large files. The 10TB model costs $1,199, while the 20TB model costs $2,199. Most people will never actually want to […]

Destroying Data the Cheap and Easy Way

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 2.41.16 AM

*+-I walked by our local computer repair shop on the way to lunch yesterday and ran across a couple of kids taking customer privacy seriously. Instead of perusing personal data, like some repair shop employees do, these guys shatter hard drives that are left behind when customers upgrade their hard drives. I told these guys […]