Bamboo Stylus Review

Pastebot 2011-06-21 11.20.18 AM

Over the weekend I posted about Bamboo Paper, an Inking and doodling App for the iPad, that Wacom is marketing along side its Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. I had recently ordered a Bamboo Stylus and it came in this morning. I like what I see and feel. I’ve used and tested quite a few […]

GBM ShortCut: The HardCandy Stylus

GBM ShortCut_ The Hard Candy Stylus

The quest for a good stylus that works with devices using capacitive screens like the iPad continues. But I think I might have found a winner. Previous styli I’ve examined do the trick but they are all relatively short and small. The HardCandy Stylus however feels a bit more like I’m holding a pen in […]