First BlackBerry 10 Devices Leak

The new BlackBerry 10 homescreen.

It appears that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones have leaked to the surface today in a slide that reveals both a BlackBerry 10 device with a virtual keyboard and one that will purportedly be the first device to land both RIM’s new operating system and a physical keyboard. B4BB has leaked a slide that seems […]

iPhone 3GS Review: Three Years with the iPhone 3GS

Three years with one phone is a long time.

I can’t remember exactly what day I got my iPhone 3GS. Really, I can’t. It was that long ago. I know that I got it shortly after it launched in June of 2009 and that it replaced my tank of a smartphone at the time, the BlackBerry 7130c. Yes, I once used a BlackBerry, believe […]

HTC One XXL Leaks: Massive Display, Quad-Core, 4G LTE


It looks like HTC might be cooking up a quad-core, 4G LTE device called the HTC One XXL. A screenshot from SmartDroid has revealed the HTC One XXL’s key specifications and if real, this is a device that should have both Android and hardware enthusiasts thinking about making it their next phone. The photo reveals […]

White HTC EVO 4G LTE Appears on Sprint’s Website

The HTC EVO 4G LTE might be coming in white soon.

We heard that a white HTC EVO 4G LTE might be on the way to Sprint and sure enough, a device that appears to be a white HTC EVO 4G LTE has appeared on Sprint’s website. The device has appeared in an advertising image next to the white Samsung Galaxy S III over on Sprint’s […]

iPhone 5 Features: What to Expect This Fall

The iPhone 5 might look like this photo-realistic rendering.

With WWDC 2012 come and gone without an iPhone 5 announcement, we can now turn our attention to a fall release date for Apple’s next iPhone. That also means that there is even more time for iPhone 5 rumors to leak out ahead of the device’s launch. More than a few have leaked to the […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Launches


Amidst the chaos, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III has launched. T-Mobile has become the first carrier in the United States to have the Samsung Galaxy S III available in its retail stores after Sprint had to delay the launch of the device due to overwhelming demand. AT&T and Verizon have yet to announce official […]

Confirmed: First BlackBerry 10 Phone Won’t Have Physical Keyboard

The first BlackBerry 10 phone won't look like this.

RIM has confirmed the rumors. The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone won’t feature a physical keyboard. The Associated Press is reporting that the company has made it clear that the first handset running BlackBerry 10, RIM’s new operating system, will not have one of RIM’s iconic physical QWERTY keyboards. Instead, the device will rely on the […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Delayed

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Delayed

AT&T has announced that Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders, which were originally supposed to start arriving today, won’t be arriving at all. Instead, they’ll be arriving no later than June 25th. The carrier has released a statement saying that pre-orders for the Galaxy S III that were slated to arrive today will instead arrive next […]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Shipping Date Slips Again

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Shipping Date Slips Again

The shipping date for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III continues to slip. Shortly after the date slipped from July 9th to July 10th, the shipping date of Verizon’s upcoming Galaxy S III has now been pushed back another day to July 11th. This should be a continuing trend as Samsung is dealing with supply […]

Overheating Galaxy S III Smartphone Catches Fire

It appears that the fire/explosion occurred at the lower portion of the phone where the micro USB port is situated.

The Galaxy S III is one hot device right now with American carriers reporting launch delays due to overwhelming demand and short supply, but another area where Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone is hot may be internally. One user of the international GSM unit noticed some white flames and smoke coming out from his device, […]

White HTC EVO 4G LTE Coming to Sprint

White HTC EVO 4G LTE Coming to Sprint

A white HTC EVO 4G LTE will be coming to Sprint. According to TechnoBuffalo, a white version of the popular HTC EVO 4G LTE will be heading to Sprint’s shelves at some point in the future. The evidence is a screenshot of an inventory listing in a warehouse that lists a model called the HTC […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors Point to Flexible Display

The Galaxy Note 2 might feature a flexible display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been rumored to have an October release date and now it has been rumored to feature a flexible OLED display. According to MK Business News, by way of AndroidGuys, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will apparently be the first Samsung smartphone to feature Samsung’s flexible LED display. The company […]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Rumored for Google I/O Debut

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Rumored for Google I/O Debut

The Google Nexus 7 tablet has been rumored for a Google I/O debut and now another report has chimed in saying Google will indeed introduce the tablet later on this month. According to DigiTimes, which is a hit-or-miss publication, Google will be introducing the Asus-made Google Nexus 7 tablet at Google I/O, the company’s annual […]

Nokia 808 PureView Hitting U.S. for $699


A new Nokia smartphone will be hitting the United States in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView. As expected, Nokia will be making the Nokia 808 PureView, the phone with the 41-megapixel camera, available in the United States. And, as expected, the phone will be coming with a steep price and without an American […]

White iPhone 5 Renders Arrive Late, Just Like Real iPhone 5

White iPhone 5 Renders Arrive Late, Just Like Real iPhone 5

Last week, we saw some beautiful life-like iPhone 5 renders emerge, giving us a detailed look at what the device might look like once the iPhone 5 release date rolls around. Now, we have a glimpse at what a white iPhone 5 could potentially look like when released down the road. Flickr member Martin Hajek, […]

HTC One S Headed to New U.S. Carrier

HTC One S Headed to New U.S. Carrier

The HTC One S, one of T-Mobile’s most popular Android smartphones, is headed to a new U.S. carrier. Cincinnati Bell has announced that it will begin to carry the HTC One S, one of the devices that makes up HTC’s One Series of smartphones, starting on June 25th. The carrier is going to be offering […]

iPhone 5 Release Date: What to Expect This Fall


At WWDC 2012, Apple failed to announce the iPhone 5, which means that customers will more than likely have to wait until this fall for an iPhone 5 release date. And while we’re currently months away from a release, we do have a pretty good idea about how the iPhone 5 launch and release will […]

New Samsung QWERTY with Android 4.0 Headed to T-Mobile

New Samsung QWERTY with Android 4.0 Headed to T-Mobile

A new Samsung smartphone with Android 4.0 and a physical QWERTY keyboard will be heading to T-Mobile at some point in the future. TMoNews has leaked an image of the SGH-T99, which was once thought to possibly be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but has instead revealed its face to be a device with a physical […]

AT&T Galaxy S III and Sprint Galaxy S III Prices Drop


Those looking for a deal on a Samsung Galaxy S III in the U.S. should look no further than the deals that Amazon and Wirefly have going on for the AT&T Galaxy S III and Sprint Galaxy S III. Amazon and Wirefly have informed us that they both have deals going on for separate U.S.-bound […]