Will HTC One Microphone Change Cut Concert Friendly Feature?


The HTC One lost an important spec this week as the HDR microphone disappeared from the HTC One specs list. At this point it’s not clear if HTC One shoppers will suffer from the spec change. HTC made a big deal about the advanced microphone in the HTC One leading up the release of the device. The HTC One […]

How to Take Better iPhone Photos

iPhone camera 1

It’s easy to take good photos with the iPhone, but a few tips will help you take great iPhone photos. Because the iPhone is almost always with us, it is the best camera for many users. With these tips, you can take photos that look like they came form a point-and-shoot, not a smartphone camera. […]

Always Keep the Normal Photo When Shooting HDR on the iPhone

iPHone HDR

The iPhone offers an optional HDR mode, that combines multiple exposures into one photo, to create a single photo with a wide range of light. HDR produces some beautiful looking iPhone photographs, but users shouldn’t turn off the option to Keep Normal Photo, even if it clogs up the Photostream. The iPhone 4S has a good […]

Quick Photo Comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Cameras


One of the distinguishing factors between the new iPhone 4S and its predecessor the iPhone is the camera. Apple has upped the megapixels to 8 from 5 and also continued to do work on the optics for the camera, which was already an excellent smartphone camera in the model 4. The camera in the iPhone […]

iPhone HDR Photography Works Well in Right Conditions


One of the big features Apple trumpeted in its release of iOS 4.1 for the iPhone was High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo capability. Most photographers and Photo Shop users know all about this. Essentially you take multiple exposures of the same thing and through software blend them together. This allows for a greater range when […]