Xbox One Headset: The Accessory No One Is Talking About

2013-11-26 14.56.27

For the first time in Xbox history, an Xbox console comes with a headset bundled in by default. The Xbox One sadly doesn’t come with two controllers, but Microsoft thinks they can make it up with an included headset, and it’s easy to see why: the Xbox One relies on voice chat more than the […]

Motorola H19txt Review

Motorola H19txt Review - 5

The Motorla H19txt bluetooth headset is a small, feature packed Bluetooth headset with Motorola’s well-known audio quality, great range and long battery life. The Motorola H19txt isn’t cheap at $80, but it includes extras like HD audio, NFC pairing and an app for Android phones that offers easier texting without touching the phone. While the app and […]

Motorola Elite Sliver Bluetooth Headset Review

motorola elite sliver bluetooth headset

When my wife threw my old Bluetooth headset away at a Subway Restaurant in New Orléans, LA, I acted like I was really upset and took the opportunity to buy a newer and better one. The Motorola Elite Sliver Bluetooth Headset now adorns my ear and connects to my Samsung Galaxy S III and occasionally […]

Plantronics Approaches Smart Through Sensors

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC v2-380-75

When we hear of smart devices, we automatically assume Internet-connected smartphone, tablets, appliances, and homes, but rather than embedding 4G radios in its Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics is approaching smart in a different way–through embedded sensors. As the maker of wired and wireless headsets, Plantronics estimates that by the year 2020, there will be some 50 […]

5 Tips to Master Dictation On Your New iPad or iPhone (Video)

Dictation on the new ipad

Using dictation on the new iPad or the iPhone is a great way to speed up sending messages, composing email and even writing longer documents. I’ve used dictation to write articles and much more for the past few weeks, and I’m surprised at how fast I can go. Using dictation on the iPad is even […]

Plantronics Marque Review: Small, Affordable, Awesome

Plantronics Marque M155 Review

If you’re looking for a great bluetooth headset, but you don’t want to spend $100 on a high-end headset, the Plantronics Marque M-155 bluetooth headset. Plantronics makes a number of headsets, including the Plantronics Voyager HD, which we gave a Best of 2011 Award, but not everyone is willing to wear the larger headset out […]

Take Photos Without Touching Your iPhone Thanks to Bluetooth Headsets

One of the cool new features in iOS 5 is the ability to use the volume buttons on the iPhone to take a picture. This means no more fumbling for the on screen shutter release, and missing the moment. This same functionality extends to headphones with volume controls and even more exciting, Bluetooth headphones with volume controls. […]

Need Attention? Buy a POP Phone


We found the perfect mobile phone accessory if you miss untangling phone cords and holding a giant receiver between your cheek and shoulder. The POP Phone plugs into an iPhone, or any other device with a similar connector, and operates just like most other headsets… minus the whole hands-free thing. Besides acting as a conversation […]

Looxcie camcorder headset now available for iOS, add a camera to your iPad


Previously released with full support for only Android, a new version of the Looxcie wearable camcorder headset has launched for iPhones running iOS 4.2. Good news for iPhone users who want a little spycam to record the events of their daily life, but it could be bigger news for iPad owners who want camera support.

Put down the phone or the elbow gets it

"No, dude, I'm telling you: this is how 'conference calling' works."

Good news for all you dorks who walk around all day with Borg-style Bluetooth headsets in your ear as if people really need to talk to you (like this ridiculous tool in the photo). Turns out, in addition to disguising your creepy habit of talking to yourself, using that headset is good for your health, […]