Kwikset Kevo Plus: Bluetooth & WiFi Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo Plus -  3-X3

The Kwikset Kevo Plus is an upgrade the Kevo smart lock that allows users to unlock with Bluetooth and now with WiFi to deliver a smart lock that is accessible and manageable from anywhere. Kwikset is a well-known player in the locks and home security, and they are combining high-tech connectivity to allow users to […]

iOS 8 May Turn Your iPhone Into the Ultimate Remote Control

We could see Apple announce home automation plans at WWDC 2014.

Apple is ready to announce a new plan that will turn the iPhone into the ultimate remote control for your home at WWDC 2014 according to two new reports. Apple is preparing iOS 8, a new version of the iPhone and iPad software to announce at WWDC 2014 on June 2nd, where the company will […]

Parce Marries Smart Outlet with Nest’s Simplicity


At its core, the Parce One is a smart energy plug that you connect to your home wall outlet, and from there you can plug your appliances and gadgets into to charge. The beauty about the Parce One is that not only can you control your appliances by turning them on or off remotely as […]

Lowes Iris Adds Home Voice Control, Garage Door Opener & More

The Iris system can detect leaks and with a second unit shut off the water.

The Lowes Iris home automation system now offers an expanded lineup of convenience and safety to users who choose to install the DIY home automation system from Lowes with voice control, a garage door control that doesn’t require a new garage door, sprinkler control, leak detection with water shutoff and more. Iris is an affordable […]

Google Nexus Rumors Suggest Multiple Devices Including Light Switch


While rumors are exactly that, rumors, we’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk regarding Google and their Nexus program. Most of which has been about the upcoming Nexus 5, but a few sources are reporting we could be seeing multiple Nexus devices all announced later this month alongside the new smartphone. From an ASUS […]

With the Rise of Malware, Your Dumb Home May Be Safer Than a Smart Home


With the allure of simplifying your life by connecting your home to the Internet–with things like smart appliances, digital door locks, remotely accessible security cameras, and the ability to monitor and shut off your water or electricity from anywhere there is Internet connectivity–users should consider the unintended consequences of hacking. As consumers begin eyeing adding […]

Breather Taps Home Automation Tech, Brings ZipCar Experience to Room Rentals


Recent startups like Airbnb are beginning to transform the hospitality industry by allowing homeowners and those with extra space to rent out a room or their entire abode for short periods of time, allowing common citizens to compete against traditional hotels. However, despite the high-tech apps that match space owners with short-term renters, these solutions […]

August Smart Lock Wants to be the Nest of Door Locks

The August Smart Lock.

The new August Smart Lock could be just the thing to lead the charge for home automation by making it even easier for users to control the doorways of their houses from their mobile device. The locks, which don’t yet have a release date will eventually allow users to control their doors using the Bluetooth […]

AT&T’s Digital Life Secures Your Home and Keeps Families Safe


Though there has been third-party solutions in the past to automate, monitor, and secure homes, those efforts are sometimes bulky, costly, and often confusing. Enter wireless carrier AT&T, which is trying to leverage its experience in mobility to help customers not only secure their homes, but also monitor and control how that security is administered […]

Will Google Revive Android @ Home at I/O 2013?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Will Google Revive Android @ Home at I/O 2013?

With the latest Android 4.2.2 software update that was recently released to Nexus devices, Google made references to its Android @ Home project that was introduced nearly two years ago. Since the introduction of Android @ Home at the Google I/O 2011 conference, Google had been quiet on its home mesh network and home automation […]

Lowes Makes DIY Home Automation an Affordable Reality

Lowes Iris Home Automation - 4

Home automation is a continual CES trend, but during CES 2013 we saw one of the most exciting advances in home automation since the Nest. Lowes’ Iris home automation system is a DIY-er’s dream, delivering home automation and controls to homes and apartments for users who want to start with the basics and expand to link their entire home […]

AT&T Enters Home Security Market With Connected Sensors


To further AT&T‘s vision of the connected lifestyle, the U.S. 4G LTE wireless carrier is looking to enter the home security market with its own prepackaged solutions that will allow smartphone and tablet customers to monitor their homes while away. Though various components of the AT&T package have been available for some time through various […]

Microsoft Begins Trialing HomeOS for Connected Home Appliances


A few years ago, Microsoft had laid out preliminary details of what a connected home and home automation would look like, and now the company has released a new white paper stating that it has already begun trialing its new proprietary HomeOS in a dozen homes. HomeOS was created initially out of a vision made […]

Belkin WeMo Makes Home Automation Awesomely Easy (Best of CES 2012)

Belkin Best of WeMo

Home Automation has been a confusing cluster of incompatible systems and professional solutions, but Belkin has set out to change that with a new system for controlling your lights, electronics and even your front door lock. The Belkin WeMo system is home automation that you and I, and even my grandma, can aset up. You […]

Siri Can Pour You a Beer and Turn Off Your Lights (Video)

Beeri pour beer with siri

What good is a personal assistant if it can’t get you a beer and turn off your lights? If you answered not good at all, then you need to check out these innovative Siri extras. If you are geeky enough, it appears that you can make Siri do pretty much anything by way of a text message. […]

Cheaply Control Your Thermostat with a Smartphone!

WiFi Thermostat Android and iPhone

The ability to control the temperature of your home from anywhere with an Internet connection sounds expensive, but thanks to advances in technology you can purchase a WiFi connected thermostat for just $99. The Filtrete 7-Day Touchscreen WiFi enabled thermostat brings the convenience of a programmable thermostat into your house as well as the ability […]

Google Makes Android the Center of Your Home Experience


Moving beyond smartphones, tablets, and Google TV, Google wants to make Android more ubiquitous in your home with the Android @ Home project. Though Google is laying the framework and is demonstrating the potential of Android @ Home at the Google I/O conference today in San Francisco, California, the company is hoping that it’s eager […]

Viper Brings SmartStart Technology to Home Alarms

Viper SmartStart Home Control Screen Viper SmartStart goes beyond cars; Offers home protection, too

Viper, which makes an app and the required hardware to remotely start, lock, and arm your car with your smartphone, has teamed up with to let smartphone users also manage their home security system remotely. The app, which is downloadable right now, is in version 2.2. To switch between controlling your car or your […]