LG, HTC Continue to Chase Apple’s Gold in 2014


Following the early success of the biometric fingerprint reader on Apple’s iPhone 5s, it appears that Android rivals LG and HTC will continue to chase after Apple’s gold in the new year. Reportedly, both Android smartphone manufacturers may utilize a similar design on their rumored HTC One 2 and LG G3 flagships in 2014 with […]

iPhone 5S to Have Fingerprint Scanner and NFC on the Home Button

Apple's fingerprint reader could be a powerful security feature.

A patent application filed by Apple in Europe may have given us the clearest functionality of the iPhone 5S‘s home button. The forthcoming flagship smartphone expected to be unveiled Tuesday at a confirmed private event at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus will be an evolution of the iPhone 5, but with a home button that may […]

iPhone 6 Concept Boasts Big Display, No Home Button (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept features a new design, larger display and no home button.

A new iPhone 6 concept brings rumors of an iPhone 6 prototype with a larger display and no home button to life with a slimmer, yet still believable look for a future iPhone. The iPhone 6 is on the minds of consumers even though we don’t expect an iPhone with a full redesign and the […]

iPad 3 Hands On Video Shows Off Glass, Case and Home Button

iPad 3 or iPad HD

Apple will announce the iPad 3 or iPad HD at an event on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to see most of the new iPad. The team over at M.I.C Gadget got their hands on a collection of iPad 3 parts, allowing them to give us a look at what the […]

iPad 3 Could Drop the Home Button, Rely on Gestures

iPad 3 might have no home button

Today Apple sent out invites to an event March 7 about a new iPad that could come some time within a few days to a few weeks of the launch. If the image on the invite shows the new device, then we might already know some details about the iPad 3 (or iPad 2S if […]

Home Button Killer: iOS 5 Gestures to Take You Back Home!

iOS 5 features Accessibility adds new gesture control panel, no hardware buttons needed

With the latest release of the third beta of iOS 5 for developers, Apple has introduced a number of gestures aimed at possibly replacing the home button, which will take you to the home screen from any screen and also aid in multi-tasking. Found within the Assessibility menu is a new gesture control panel called […]

Android Device Users Help Me Out Here When It Comes to Buttons and Bezels

3- an overview of the smart bezel's secondary display - apple patent apr 2011

Yesterday we linked to information about Apple getting a patent on technology that allows for discrete and/or capacitive buttons on the bezel of a device. We’ve heard in the past about Apple and others exploring technology to allow touch on both front and back sides of devices. In my admittedly limited experiences with Android devices, […]

Apple to Drop Home Button With iOS 4.3?


We all know that Steve Jobs doesn’t like buttons. Well, those multi-touch gestures that Chuong blogged about last night may not be just an add on. According to Boy Genius Report, Apple is looking at dropping the Home button on the iPad and perhaps the iPhone and controlling what we control now through touch gestures. […]