Outlook.com Replaces Hotmail and Windows Live with Clean Interface

Outlook.com offers clean and simple interface

Microsoft launched Outlook.com today, replacing Hotmail and Windows Live email services with a minimalist interface that shames Google’s Gmail. The new Outlook offers email, contacts, calendar and file storage in one interface. The overhaul is only halfway finished, but it looks great and shows what nice clean and simple design can look like. When a user […]

Microsoft Previews New Hotmail


Microsoft is previewing what’s to come in the new Hotmail and from the looks of the blog post they’ve made some considerable changes. The biggest take away I see at the moment is that to work with Hotmail you won’t be leaving your email interface to work documents and other attachments. The new Hotmail is […]

GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password?


The other day I dropped a computer off at the local repair shop because it was under warranty.  After verbally asking for my contact information and email address, the attending technician asked, “What’s the password on this machine?”  I answered audibly, without considering who was around me.  There were at least two other people within […]

Tableteer’s Lament: No Ink in the Cloud for Emails


I don’t ink emails very often. But when I need to, it is a blessing to have that option. Whip out the pen, scribble a quick response and send it off. But the more and more that I transition away from my traditional methods of email correspondence to using GMail as my standard, the further […]