Skype Offering A Free Hour Of Wi-Fi In Airports This Month

Skype Free Wi-Fi Holiday Promotion

The next leg of the busy holiday travel season is about to kick off, and you know what that means: free Wi-Fi deals! In the past airlines and companies like Google and Yahoo have offered a free ride to those in need if some sweet surfing away from home, be it in airplnes, airports, or […]

Is AT&T throttling your uploads?

3G today in Reston, VA

People are noticing that their uploads on AT&T, “the nation’s fastest 3G network,” are considerably slower today compared to last week with some claiming a drop from 1Mbps to 100kbps – a 90% hit! I am stunned – stunned, I say – that some people actually saw 1Mbps uploads on a regular basis. Welcome to […]

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks starting in July


Good news for everyone willing to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee but not one cent for Wi-Fi hotspot access: Starbucks is finally lifting the registered customer-only restrictions on their in-store hotspot access starting next month. Let new construction of Starbucks offices begin!

AT&T launching Wi-Fi Hotzone in Times Square


In a move to get their New York City customers online (and divert traffic away from their overcrowded 3G network), AT&T has announced a Wi-Fi “hotzone” program that aims to cover broader areas with Wi-Fi, starting with the ever-busy Times Square.

Hey AT&T, how about improving your Wi-Fi speed too?

AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot at Reston Starbucks at Barnes & Noble

About a week ago, AT&T announced their intent to increase their 3G speeds via HSPA+, potentially boosting it to up to 14.4Mbps. That’s all well and good, really. But I have to wonder, AT&T, if your 3G speeds can get that high, why do your Wi-Fi speeds seem so low?

Eye-fi expands hotspots, launches Apple-exclusive Geo X2


Couple of announcements out of Eye-fi today. The major news is that Eye-fi X2 cards are now capable of connecting to wifi hotspots that require webpage logins. Also, their new Geo X2 card is going on sale next month exclusively through Apple stores.