House of Marley Legend Review: In-Ear Headphones


The House of Marley Legend In-Ear headphones are the top of the line earbuds from the environmentally conscious company that bears the name of the famous musical family. House of Marley makes a full line of in-ear and over the ear headphones from $19.99 up to $199.99, all with Marley flair and a focus on […]

House of Marley’s Bag of Rhythm On Sale – Bringing Back The Boombox

House of Marley - Bag of Rhythm

Some of you reading this blog are old enough to remember when mobile technology meant a boom box that you could fit on your shoulder and carry around. If you were strong enough, of course. These days we’re all expected to keep our tunes to ourselves, though some youths rebel by playing the music from their smartphone speakers really loud, annoying all the people on public transportation with crappy, tinny music. If you’re going to do all that, you need to go old school with it.

CES 2012 Headphone Highlights

CES 2012 068

I visited with several headphone manufacturers and retailers and found three offerings to be quite interesting. I am sure I missed quite a few awesome companies, but of those that I met with, these are the ones I was most impressed with. In no particular order- Soul by Ludacris, Marley, and Yurbuds. I love music […]

House of Marley iPod Accessories and Headphones at CES


Rohan Marley, the son of music legend Bob Marley, launched a line of iPod and iPhone accessories at CES 2011. Reggae fans will instantly recognize the names behind the accessories. The Jammin, Freedom and Destiny ┬álines of earbuds and iPod docks stand out in the sea of iAccessories. Many of the accessories feature wood grain, […]