How My iPad Made Me Hate Paper and Helped Me Save Over $15,000


I hate paper! It is everywhere but thanks in part to my iPad I don’t want to use it anywhere, except maybe the bathroom and dining room. So I’m gonna show you a few ways that my iPad has made me hate paper while saving literally thousands of dollars. Speaker Notes As a preacher I […]

How to Get Google Talk with Video Chat on Your Android

Google Talk with Video Chat

So you may have heard that Google has started rolling out Android 2.3.4 to the Nexus S and the Nexus One. The update for the Nexus S brings an update to Google Talk that allows for video chat, pretty much the equivalent to FaceTime for Android. Only thing is, it’s only available for the Nexus […]

Evernote Powers a Delicious Looking Vietnamese Pop-up Restaurant

evernote app

Food trucks and pop-up restaurants are apparently The cool places to eat in San Francisco and Evernote has posted a highlight about how Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese Pop up restaurant, is using Evernote to manage their business. Even if you aren’t preparing delicious Vietnamese food, the short video below highlights a few ways you can […]

HTC ThunderBolt Still Stuck on 1x? How to Get 4G Back


Yesterday there was a nationwide 4G outage that left many HTC ThunderBolt owners without both 4G and 3G connections. While we still don’t know what has caused the widespread failure, Verizon has confirmed to GottaBeMobile that the Nationwide 4G LTE network is back up and running. Several of our writers found their ThunderBolts had connected […]

How to Insert Images in Gmail

How to insert images in gmail

If you are constantly sharing images with others using Gmail, you may want to stop attaching images and start inserting them right into your email. This is allows you to write some text, insert your image and write more text. Not only does it look nicer, it is easier for users to see your images […]

Morning Wrapup: New HP EliteBooks, Fujitsu LifeBooks and More


It’s spring, which means business notebook season. In addition to the Toshiba notebooks announced yesterday, we have a collection of HP EliteBooks with a new design, Eee Pad Transformer Walkthroughs, Fujitsu notebooks and a tip on wrapping your MacBook power cord to prevent damage. HP announced a trio of new EliteBook models late yesterday which […]

How To Edit Video from a Flip Camera on iPad 2


There are not a lot of third-party cameras that can be used to shoot video compatible with Apple’s new iPad 2 video editing program iMovie. The Pure Digital Flip Mino and Flip Ultra HD will work. PC World put together a short How To video and we have tried it out and it works fine […]

How to Silence Unwanted Callers on iPhone for Free

Silent Ringtons

If you want to stop interruptions from unwanted callers on your iPhone, we have a quick tip on how to silence and essentially block unwanted callers without paying AT&T $5 to block the call. Why would you need to block unwanted callers? Well, my son got in trouble at school because he left his ringer on and hadn’t […]

How To Save iPad Pages Files to DropBox Using DropDAV


DropBox is a great service and getting files onto the iPad from your DropBox storage is easy with their free iPad App. But what about going the other way from an app like Pages? Thanks to a service called DropDAV it is pretty easy too. First, sign up for a free 2GB DropBox account. Once […]

How to Upgrade to the iPad 2 for $200

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 9.51.43 AM

There are a lot of Apple fans out there debating whether or not to upgrade from the original iPad to the iPad 2. Of course you can always try your hand at selling your iPad on eBay or Craigslist, but good luck standing out from the crowd, especially now that Apple’s selling the original iPad […]

De-Glossify Your Shiny Gadgets


Glossy gadgets sure look good on store shelves and in photo shoots, but things get messy once users get their grimy hands on them. Jason Fitzpatrick of Lifehacker offers a simple, yet effective solution. Simply take a scour pad (or fine frit sandpaper) and rub that mirror finish away. In no time you’ll have a nice matte […]

How to Fine Tune Handwriting Recognition on Windows 7 Tablet PCs

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 11.02.10 AM

A lot of people that have never used a Tablet PC are disappointed by Windows’s handwriting recognition. Writing on a slick surface can be a challenge, even for those with great penmanship. New users and those dissatisfied with handwriting recognition should take a few minutes to train their Tablets PCs to recognize their own scribbles. […]

Still Time to Hack 2009 Thanks to Lifehacker


Want to know 2009′s best tips, tricks, and hacks?  Look no further than Lifehacker’s popular Best of 2009 series.  Lifehacker, the popular site that helps you make life better in nearly every conceivable area, has published their best of 2009 tips and tricks.  Spend a few hours (literally) researching the year’s best DIY projects, most […]