HP confirms webOS phone, Windows 7 tablet, and sky is blue

Palm Pre Plus

CNBC’s Tech Check reports that HP will use webOS exclusively when they step into the current smartphone market. This must surely come as a surprise to everyone who thought they were going to take that $1.2B they spent to buy Palm then dump it in the trash. Also, they’re making a Windows 7 tablet.

HP Slate 500 Heading to Enterprise


Word is bouncing around the Internet this afternoon that the still mysterious, still largely unconfirmed but getting closer to being confirmed HP Slate 500 is not going to be a consumer device but instead (wait for it…) heading to the Enterprise channel. Todd Bradley, HP’s Personal Systems Group Vice President, apparently spilled the beans at […]

So what happened with the HP Slate?


With all the back and forth on whether the HP Slate/Hurricane/PalmPad/Slate 500 is dead or not, the device seems to have taken on mythic status, despite the fact it’s a demonstrated device with defined specs. There should be no question as to whether it exists. The only questions are if (or when) it will ship, […]

HP PalmPad rumored to be keeping pen input


The tablet formerly known as the HP Slate or HP Hurricane and possibly now known as the HP PalmPad is rumored to be keeping its active digitizer despite running WebOS instead of Windows 7.

HP locks in the “PalmPad” name


Actually, trademark filings show a name in all caps, so all we know for certain is that HP has a trademark on “PALMPAD” but presumably they’ll drop the casing on some of those letters if and when they introduce a PalmPad (or Palmpad).

HP silent on the Slate, but that silence says a lot


Harry McCracken at Technologizer ran into Phil McKinney, CTO of HP, at The Big Money’s Untethered conference, a meeting about “profitable media in the tablet era.” You’d think that McKinney, one of the speakers at this event about tablets would be eager to speak about HP’s tablets, specifically the Slate, but not so much.

DigiTimes: HP Will Use WebOS for Slate, Due in October


DigiTimes is reporting that HP Taiwan VP Monty Wong is confirming what most suspect, that HP will indeed bring WebOS to a slate. The report says we’ll see this at the end of HP’s fiscal year which is October. According to the report HP won’t be bringing WebOS to netbooks and we’ll hear more after […]

HP Slate & Sex and the City 2 are Confusing People

Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 4.23.01 PM

Yesterday a friend told me that she and her friends thought it was really cool that the Sex and the City girls were going to be using iPads in Sex and the City 2. . She told me to keep an eye out for the Sex and the City 2 ads that showed Sarah Jessica […]

Rumor: HP’s WebOS Tablet “The Hurricane” Coming Q3


Daryl Deino of the Examiner is reporting that an “HP insider” is spilling the beans on HP’s plans for a WebOS Tablet. Supposedly it is codenamed The Hurricane and is scheduled to debut in Q3. We don’t know much more than that, but Q3 seems early to me given the timing of HP’s recent acquisition […]

HP Slate: On? Off? Delayed?


HP still isn’t commenting officially on rumors that began last week about the end of the HP Slate. There’s lots of speculation out there that all sort of make sense. You know that HP can probably manage to put out a Windows based slate and an Android based slate, and a WebOS based slate, etc… […]

Microsoft has no tablets… not counting Tablet PCs and UMPCs


The double hit of news that both Courier and the HP Slate are not on the schedule has led to rampant speculation about where this leaves Microsoft now that they have NO tablet prospects. None, zero, zilch, not a tablet to their name according to the reports. Excuse me while I scream.

Thoughts on Broken Tablet Dreams

Textured Tablet

Yesterday afternoon and evening brought news that rocked many readers here at GBM. Reports (still unconfirmed) that HP is canceling the slate and that Microsoft is dropping the Courier project (confirmed) have been greeted with some anguish as well as some shoulder shrugs. There have even been a few raspberries. Apple fan boys (and others) […]

HP Killing the Slate? TechCrunch Thinks So


Here we go again. This time it is TechCrunch reporting that HP is killing off the infamous HP Slate. This report from former Tablet maker wanna-be Michael Arrington himself says it comes from “a source that has been briefed on the matter.” So there’s no confirmation like today’s earlier news on the canceling of the […]

HP Slate Supposedly in the Wild Nets Netbook Comparisons


Engadget is linking to a conecti.ca report that looks to be a hands on with the HP Slate, which until now we’ve really only seen under controlled circumstances. I’ll offer a couple of words of caution here by saying that will the post looks like these folks know their stuff I’m not necessarily taking this […]

The “other” HP Slate specs


The specs for HP’s upcoming slate have leaked, and not surprisingly, HP is weighing their new slate against the iPad. But as far as I’m concerned, the slate they should be weighing it against is their old slate, the TC1100.

HP Slate Specs, Compared to iPad


Engadget got a hold of an HP presentation that compares the forthcoming HP Slate to the iPad. We saw a nice video demo of the HP Slate earlier today, but this is the first time we’ve seen such detailed specs. The HP Slate has some very compelling features, but I’m not sure if it’ll be […]

HP Slate with Adobe Flash and AIR


In news that has NOTHING to do with the iPad, the folks over at Netbooknews have a new video up about the HP Slate. We have already posted information about the HP Slate, but here is a great video showing off more of its capabilities.  The big news, it runs Adobe Flash and AIR, something […]