HP CEO Warns That Google and Motorola Might Try to Close-source Android


As the Google acquisition of Motorola moves closer to an end, HP CEO Meg Whitman sees an opportunity for HP’s newly open-sourced WebOS platform. Whitman believes that WebOS could have a future as an open source competitor to Android, which is also open source. Whitman’s claim is that with the Google-Motorola deal Android won’t be […]

What is HP’s New webOS Pivot?


A recent trademark application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was discovered revealing a new webOS Pivot mark, though not much information is known about Pivot at this time. According to the USPTO filing description, webOS Pivot is for goods and services, and is for: “Retail store services featuring computer software provided via […]

Why the HP TouchPad has the best tablet UX I’ve seen


If you asked me last week which tablet user experience was the best, I wouldn’t have had a solid answer for you. They all have good points and bad. Whether one is “best” depends greatly on the user. Well, I’m chucking some of that out the window because I have seen the light and it […]

HP WebOS Tablet Images and Details Leaked


When HP bought Palm, we were all wondering when we would seem fruit of the tech marriage. It now seems that something tangible is in the works, and could be announced as soon as February 9. Two images were posted at Engadget that were reported to be “internal renders” of a 9-inch WebOS tablet code […]