HP ENVY x2 Convertible Windows 8 Tablet Feels Premium (Video)

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We got some hands-on time with HP’s ENVY x2 Windows 8 tablet. Like rival offerings from Samsung, Asus, and others, the ENVY x2 will come with an optional keyboard dock that will give the device the look of a laptop or ultrabook, but HP’s entry comes with a more premium feel than competitors thanks to […]

webOS Becomes ‘Gram’ at HP


Wondering what the future of webOS now that HP has open sourced the software? According to a leaked email, which as later confirmed to All Things D, it looks like the webOS and the Enyo software development team has now been re-badged as Gram. Gram remains an independent and wholly owned business unit of HP, though […]

Windows 8 Launching in October

Windows Phone 8 Launching in October

Microsoft has announced that Windows 8, its highly anticipated software, will arrive in retail stores starting in late October. According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Tami Reller revealed the information at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada. Reller has indicated that the company expects devices with the software on board to arrive by late October […]

HP to Focus on Business Windows 8 Tablets, Scraps Windows RT ARM Slate Plans


Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that it has shelved plans for releasing a consumer-focused Windows RT tablet that will run on Qualcomm’s ARM-based processor and instead will be focusing its efforts on a business-centric slate running Intel’s x86 architecture.”I can confirm that at HP, we continue to look at using ARM processors in business and consumer products,” […]

HP TouchPad Goes on Sale Once Again

HP TouchPad Goes on Sale Once Again

The HP TouchPad, the webOS tablet that HP killed off back in 2011, has emerged again today in a sale. Woot.com has a one day sale going for refurbished versions of the webOS tablet and it’s selling them for a mere $194.99. That price is for the model that has 32GB of storage space which […]

HP Intros EliteBook 2170p, EliteBook Folio for Business Users


HP introduced dozens of new products today including two notebooks built for road warriors. The HP EliteBook 2170p has a small footrprint thanks to an 11.6″ display.  The HP EliteBook Folio is a business ultrabook that can be configured with 4G LTE. The  2170p’s small dimensions make it an ideal choice for business travelers that need to get […]

HP’s Windows 8 Slate Leaked


A leaked presentation slide reveals HP’s tablet ambitions for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, which will be more touch-centric than prior versions of Windows. The tablet, dubbed the HP Slate 8, will be geared towards business users and will follow HP’s Slate 500, which was release with Windows 7. In the past, HP had said […]

Will Lenovo Release the First Windows 8 Tablet?

Will Lenovo Release the First Windows 8 Tablet?

While much of the talk about Windows 8 tablets in recent days has centered around Nokia, who has confirmed that it is in fact building a tablet device, it appears that another manufacturer could be first to the market with a Windows 8 slate. According to a source of The Verge, Lenovo may be the […]

Wall Street Loves the New iPad – AAPL

Apple Stock Climbs new iPad AAPL

The new iPad will hit the streets in two days, but Apple is already hitting record highs on Wall Street. Wall Street had already priced a new iPad into the price of Apple Stock (AAPL) before Apple made the new iPad official last week, but investors are pushing the stock to new high, showing their approval for […]

HP CEO Warns That Google and Motorola Might Try to Close-source Android


As the Google acquisition of Motorola moves closer to an end, HP CEO Meg Whitman sees an opportunity for HP’s newly open-sourced WebOS platform. Whitman believes that WebOS could have a future as an open source competitor to Android, which is also open source. Whitman’s claim is that with the Google-Motorola deal Android won’t be […]

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP


According to a report from AllThingsD, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has left Helwitt-Packard effective immediately. It was Rubinstein who was at the helm of Palm when it was bought by HP back in April of 2010  for $1.2 billion. HP is saying that Rubinstein left after he completed 12-24 month commitment post-acquisition and the […]

A Christmas Wish List for Mobile Geeks and Tableteers


As always this isn’t a list of gadgets, geegaws, accessories, or Apps. This wish list is about things I’d like to see happen in mobile tech in general. As always I’m an impatient old elf and would prefer to see movement here sooner rather than later. Here are links to last year’s wish list as […]

The Great Tablet Massacre of 2011

Mountain Meadows Massacre, T.B.H. Stenhouse, 1873

What was once a field of dreams two years ago is now littered with casualties. Hopes and hype have been dashed. Strategies have been changed and are changing again. Generals have fallen. The fortunes of competitors have been ransacked, as others continue to enrich their treasuries. The fallout thus far will most likely be just […]

Grading My 2011 Predictions


It’s the end of the year and its time for wrap-ups, predictions and more crystal ball gazing than you can shake a branch of holly at. As usual before I make any predictions for 2012, I go back and grade my predictions for the this year now ending. The one thing that is predictable as […]

The Wait is Over. HP Decides to Open Source webOS UPDATED


After a more than tortured journey in its life so far, the much loved, but tough to gain traction webOS now has a destination again. HP, after replacing the CEO who killed the short-lived TouchPad with Meg Whitman, has decided that it will turn webOS loose on the Open Source world.  The tortured journey included […]

Fate of webOS Coming Within the Day?


HP new CEO Meg Whitman as called an all hands-on deck webOS meeting to decide the fate of the mobile operating system that HP had acquired along with its parent Palm. Whitman had promised a decision within weeks, and it looks like that decision will be made within the day, just in advance of the […]

TouchPad Fire Sale Resumes Sunday, Limit 2 Per Customer


The latest round of Verizon’s rumored and speculated delayed launch dates for some high-end flagship smartphones peeving you off lately? Well, perhaps you can channel some of that cash stockpiled for gadget consumption into HP’s now discontinued TouchPad as the company is picking up where it had left off with a fire sale. Earlier this […]