iPhone 5 4G HSPA+ Support Confirmed by China Telecom?

iPhone 5

We are fairly certain that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 will not include 4G LTE support. There are just too many reasons why Apple would want to opt to wait until next year to release an iPhone with that kind of support. However, there is another 4G option in the form of HSPA+ (21mpbs), and it […]

Motorola Atrix 2 Official Images and Specs Leak Out

Motorola Atrix 2

A few days ago a phone called the Motorola Edison leaked out, a phone that is almost certainly going to be the sequel to the original Motorola Atrix 4G. We saw some photos, we got some more information on its specifications and we also learned that it probably isn’t a 4G LTE device. Well today, […]

Sony Xperia Play 4G Headed to AT&T on September 18th

Xperia Play 4G

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been out in the United States since May 26th. Only problem is, it has been limited to Verizon only. We knew that AT&T would end up getting the PlayStation Phone eventually but we weren’t sure as to when until today when AT&T dropped a release date and pricing on […]

Why The T-Mobile Galaxy S II Didn’t Get A Release Date

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Yesterday was launch day for the Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States. We got some hands-on time with both Samsung Galaxy S II models from AT&T and Sprint and we saw the announcement of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II device. And while Samsung may have got the branding right for these new handsets, it […]

AT&T Turns on 4G HSPA+ in 19 New Cities


For some reason or another, AT&T makes it extremely difficult to follow where the carrier rolls out its 4G HSPA+ network. You literally have to scroll over places on the coverage map to find out new spots and luckily, Sidecut Reports has done the grunt work for us and discovered that AT&T has brought 4G […]