HTC Teases Rumored HTC M7 Feature

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 2.06.05 PM

The HTC M7 is no stranger to leaks, even from HTC itself, and it appears that the company has once again teased the device ahead of its rumored February 19th arrival. While the latest leak isn’t as big as HTC CEO Peter Chou showing off the phone on stage or leading ‘HTC M7′ chants, it […]

Verizon HTC M7 Details Possibly Revealed


Last week, a rumor emerged suggesting that the HTC M7 launch would miss Verizon, at least at the beginning. A new leak though suggests that Verizon may have something on the way and based on the specifications, it’s looking like it could be the Verizon HTC M7. Read: HTC M7 Rumor Suggests Top-Notch Camera. The […]

HTC M7 Rumor Suggests Top-Notch Camera


With the HTC M7 launch rumored for just a few weeks from now, more rumors and leaks are coming to the surface. More and more it’s looking like HTC is going to be calling the HTC M7 and a new rumor suggests that HTC will be putting a top notch camera on its new flagship […]

HTC M7 Rumored to Retain Its Name At Launch


When we first heard of rumors surrounding the HTC M7 smartphone, we had believed that the ‘M7′ moniker would be a codename for a phone product that would launch around the time of Mobile World Congress this year. However, it is now believed that HTC will launch that smartphone as the HTC M7, retaining that […]

Best Buy Offers $50 Gift Card with Any Smartphone in 2013

Reserve a deal on Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S at Best Buy

Best Buy kicks off a new deal today, offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of any smartphone on any carrier, which could be best deal shoppers will see on the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC M7 — even though these phones aren’t officially announced. Best Buy’s new micro-site allows shoppers to […]

HTC M7 Debuts on Stage Early


It looks like HTC CEO Peter Chou just couldn’t wait for the presumed February 19th launch event before debuting the company’s next flagship device, the HTC M7, in both in name and in physical form. Read: HTC M7 Reportedly Joins Galaxy S4 in Shunning MWC Launch. Earlier this week, HTC sent out invites for a […]

HTC M7 Reportedly Joins Galaxy S4 in Shunning MWC Launch


The HTC M7 launch date has unsurprisingly been pegged to be taking place on February 19th, the same date that HTC will host launch events in the United States and the United Kingdom. If true, it means that it, like the Galaxy S4, will be shunning a launch at MWC. Read: HTC M7 Skipping Verizon […]

HTC M7 Skipping Verizon at Launch?


The long-awaited HTC M7 flagship, a device that appears destined for arrival on February 19th at launch events in the United States and in the United Kingdom, could be heading to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile when it launches with a potential release on Verizon coming at a later date. Read: HTC M7 Release Rumored to […]

HTC M4 and G2 Rumored to Arrive Shortly After HTC M7 Release


A new leak from Unwired View says that HTC has mid-range and low-end phones ready to release shortly after it launches the upcoming HTC M7. If the HTC M7 is the successor to the One X from last year, then the rumored M4 and G2 are the equivalent successors to the HTC One S and […]

HTC M7 Release Rumored to Beat Galaxy S4 Launch


The HTC M7 release date, which in the past has been rumored to fall in March, has seen its first specific date surface with March 8th now rumored as its possible launch date. If true, it would likely mean that HTC’s flagship will be released before the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date, rumored to be […]

HTC M7 Launch Date: What Not to Expect


Yesterday, HTC sent out invites for a presumed launch event scheduled to take place on February 19th in New York City and in London as well. The company remains mum on what exactly will be launched there but we expect it to be the long-rumored HTC M7 flagship that appears set to replace the HTC […]

HTC M7 Launch Date: What to Expect


Today, HTC sent out press invites for a launch event scheduled for February 19th in New York City and in London. It’s unclear as to what HTC has up its sleeve but bets are on the company showing off its next flagship smartphone, the HTC M7, a device that will likely replace the HTC One […]

Top 10 Rumored Smartphones for 2013


Since the end of December, smartphones set for release in 2013 have already leaked out from under cover, showing their potential upcoming face to the world at large. Already, we’ve heard about several big name smartphones including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S. Those are just the tip of the iceberg however. […]

HTC M7 Launch Likely for HTC’s February 19th Event

HTC M7 invite

HTC will hold a press event in New York City on February 19, a week before Mobile World Congress, where it will likely announce the rumored HTC M7 smartphone. If HTC does announce the M7 at the New York event, the announcement will come about a week earlier than expected. Mobile World Congress will start […]

HTC M7 Parts Caught on Video with Droid DNA Looks


A new leak from ETrade Supply shows the front and rear housing of the rumored HTC M7 which look very similar to the HTC DROID DNA. While the HTC M7 will likely succeed the HTC One X as the company’s flagship smartphones, it doesn’t look very similar to the One X. The video shows the […]

Sony Xperia Z vs. HTC M7 (Rumored)


At CES 2013, Sony unveiled one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the first half of the year in the Sony Xperia Z, its latest high-end device. And while the Xperia Z will likely get a jump start on rivals, it will soon have to contend with some devices that will surely be in […]

HTC M7 Launch Date Pegged for February 19th


It appears that the highly anticipated HTC M7 launch date, a launch that was rumored to be coming at Mobile World Congress in late February, may not arrive at MWC 2013 at all according to a new rumor. In fact, HTC might be taking the wraps off of its latest device at an event prior […]

HTC M7 Heading to AT&T, Sprint & Verizon?


The HTC M7, one of the 2013’s most heavily rumored smartphones and one that figures to replace the HTC One X as the company’s flagship, may be heading to at least three of the United States’ largest mobile providers as a reliable source claims that AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are all confirmed to be getting […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC M7: Round Two


Over the past several weeks, we have seen two of 2013’s finest leak to the surface ahead of their arrivals. Those devices of course are the HTC M7, rumored to be replacing the HTC One X as HTC’s flagship and the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy S4, which is rumored to be replacing Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as […]

HTC Sense 5 Screens Reveal Flatter, More Modern Look

HTC Sense 5 1

A new leak of HTC Sense 5 images from the XDA forums show the next version of HTC’s skin is flatter and more streamlined than Sense 4+. The collection of five screenshots don’t show everything about the new HTC Sense 5 skin, but they do show that HTC decided to make the skin more subdued […]