HTC Working on Flyer 2 Android Tablet With Jelly Bean


It looks like HTC is working on a successor to the original HTC Flyer tablet, which debuted with an active digitizer. The company’s Flyer 2 tablet will reportedly be a 7-inch model with an improved HD resolution display clocking in at 1280 X 768 pixels. It’s unclear, though, if HTC intends on supporting the HTC […]

Android 4.0 Coming to the HTC Flyer?

HTC Flyer

Earlier this month, owners of the of the HTC Flyer here in the U.S. were finally treated to Android 3.2 Honeycomb. Well, it looks like HTC isn’t done as the company’s customer service (not the most reliable of sources) has confirmed that the Flyer will getting another update in the form of Android 4.0 Ice […]

HTC Flyer Honeycomb Update Rolling Out Now

HTC Flyer

At the beginning of December, HTC rolled out the Android Honeycomb update for the GSM version of its HTC Flyer tablet. At the same time, the company promised that it would be rolling out the Honeycomb update for the Wi-Fi only version of the device and sure enough, those who own a tablet of that […]

Sprint to Begin Honeycomb Roll-Out for HTC EVO View 4G Tablet


Sprint is beginning to roll out its Android Honeycomb update for the carrier’s debut tablet, the HTC Flyer, which is the first tablet that Sprint had supported on its Network with embedded 3G CDMA and 4G WiMax radios. The 7-inch tablet is a variant of the HTC Flyer and comes with an active digitizer for […]

Honeycomb for HTC Flyer Starts Arriving for Some Users

HTC Flyer

Yes, it appears that the HTC Flyer Honeycomb update is rolling out. No, it’s not rolling to everyone just yet. According to HTC-Hub, the HTC Flyer owners in France and the Netherlands are seeing the software arrive on their tablets. Unfortunately, it appears that those are the only people, at least at this time, that […]

HTC Eyeing New Tablets, Emerging Markets for Phones


In a briefing with media, HTC CEO Peter Chou says that the company is looking to eye the tablet market but wants to stand out from the crowded space. The company is also looking to enter the entry-level smartphone market as well, but says that its strategy would not endanger its premium brand image. For […]

HTC Flyer Arrives on T-Mobile for $300

HTC Flyer

Those of you waiting to pick up the Gingerbread-powered HTC Flyer for T-Mobile are in luck as HTC has now put the 7-inch device up for sale to the general public. The tablet has actually been on sale for enterprise customers and enterprise customers only but that exclusivity period has ended and now anyone with […]

HTC Flyer Price Dropping to $299 at Best Buy

HTC Flyer

Yesterday, it became readily apparent that the price of the Android-powered HTC Flyer would be dropping at Best Buy in wake of the Amazon’s Kindle Fire announcement. And while yesterday it was unconfirmed, today, Best Buy made it official and the HTC Flyer will be dropping down to the low price of $299 starting tomorrow. […]

Kindle Fire Burns Android Tablet Pricing to the Ground

Motorola Xoom

When Amazon announced the Kindle Fire tablet yesterday, it set the new bar for Android tablet prices. You see, Amazon’s tablet is going to be $199 without a contract effectively making the current slew of expensive Android tablets an ugly sight to consumers. So, how to make them more attractive? By lowering the price of […]

Hulu Plus for Android Update Brings Support for Nine More Devices

Hulu Plus

Slowly but surely, Hulu is rolling out its Android application to more devices and this time around, it’s nine devices, some of them pretty well known, that have been added to the support list. Hulu Plus version v1.0.139 also brings improved playback performance along with it which means those of you who currently have access […]

HTC Flyer Bootloader Unlock Tool Arrives

HTC Flyer

In addition to the official bootloader tool we’ve already seen for the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G and HTC EVO 3D for Sprint comes the official way to unlock the bootloader on four variants of the HTC Flyer courtesy of That’s right, if you own the Wi-Fi version or a 3G supported HTC Flyer, […]

7-Inch HTC Flyer Gets Honeycomb ROM Leak


For many, the biggest complaint with the 7-inch HTC Flyer Android tablet that launched with HTC’s Sense UI and the HTC Scribe pen functionality is that the slate did not debut with Android Honeycomb. Now that Android 3.2 Honeycomb is appearing for many slates–Android 3.2 is said to bring Honeycomb to the 7-inch form factor–and […]

HTC Scribe Digital Stylus Now Bundled with Flyer at Best Buy


Perhaps responding to user outcry at the costly price of the HTC Scribe, an optional accessory priced at a whopping $80, Best Buy is now bundling the Android 2.3 Flyer tablet with the pen. Now, the $500 asking price for the tablet will include the pen so you can annotate your e-books (via the HTC […]

More Slates Than You Can Shake a Stylus At


Last week, between packing up the HTC Flyer for return and unwrapping a Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 for review, I found myself in tablet heaven with five – FIVE – slates at my fingertips. How could I not share the marvelous sight with you?

HTC Flyer Review: Wrap-up + Shortcut Video


My time with the HTC Flyer has come to an end, and my extended live and un-live review goes with it. It’s not a perfect device by any means, but overall I found it quite good, and I see many ways it could be truly great.

GBM InkShow: Pen Features of the HTC Flyer


Sharing video taken from the HTC Flyer is all well and good, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share video of the device as well. In this InkShow, I run through the special pen features of the Flyer. Yes, it’s an InkShow that shows ink! Plus: bonus commentary.

HTC Flyer Review: The Rough Edges


I have, as I hope my ongoing review has conveyed, enjoyed my time with the HTC Flyer immensely. But of course, no device is perfect, and the Flyer has not been without its flaws. Part of that is due to an unrefined, “raw” feel about the device, a roughness around the edges that can be […]

Live HTC Flyer Review: Mobile Enough?


During my live, as in ongoing and on-the-job, review of the HTC Flyer, mobility and portability were vital to getting my job done. I was in the air and on the move for hours at time. Would the Flyer be up for it? Could I carry and use it comfortably? Would Wi-Fi be enough? I […]