T-Mobile Radar 4G, HD7 to Get Update for Tethering, Other Features


T-Mobile USA is preparing an update for its HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone 7 device that would bring a number of new features to the smartphone, including the much requested Internet sharing capability known as tethering. Though tethering was baked into Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft had left the inclusion of such feature up to […]

HTC HD7 Available for Free at T-Mobile


The HTC HD7, T-Mobile’s Windows Phone 7 device, is currently available for the very low price of free at T-Mobile.com to those that sign up for a new two-year contract with the mobile carrier. There are unfortunately a few other caveats that come with the deal. First, you’ll have to be a new customer. Those […]

NoDo Update Now Rolling Out For HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update

Reports are coming in from owners of T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 as well as from owners of the Dell Venue Pro that the pre-NoDo update roll out has begun. There also seem to be a few people with HTC HD7’s and Dell Venue Pro’s that are seeing  the full NoDo update as well. Yesterday, it was […]

T-Mobile HTC HD7 NoDo Update Rolling Out Tomorrow?


According to a report from TMoNews, the NoDo update for T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 will be rolling out tomorrow. Unfortunately, the report offeres no other specifics in regards to how long the roll out will take, or if the new software will roll out OTA or if it will require manual installation. As a reminder, here […]

T-Mobile Valentine’s Promotion Brings Free Smartphones

t-mobile logo

T-Mobile wants users to know that love is in the air this weekend, tempting users to give the gift of gab to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day with a free smartphone offer provided that subscribers sign up for a two-year service agreement with the carrier. The promotion will be running this weekend from February […]

Another HTC Windows Phone 7 Device Spotted at FCC


Another HTC-made Windows Phone 7 device with AT&T compatible 3G bands has been spotted at the FCC for approval, leading some to speculate whether the potential addition could be an AT&T variant of the HTC HD7, which is currently found on T-Mobile USA in the U.S. market, or a GSM variant of the HTC Pro […]

HTC HD7 or myTouch 4G? Which one gets my sim card?


This past Friday, I headed out to T-Mobile to grab the HTC HD7 if they would sell me one. T-Mobile wouldn’t sell and I ended up playing with the myTouch 4G instead. I headed back to work and called around. I found a store willing to sell me an HD7 a few days early. I […]

Browser Comparison: iPhone 4, myTouch 4G, & HTC HD7


This is a less than scientific browser test over WiFi using the iPhone 4, myTouch 4G, and the HTC HD7. We have 3 devices and 3 operating systems. Who will win? Before you watch the video, the phones brightness settings were set to auto. I noticed after the video that the iPhone 4’s screen was […]

Windows Phone 7 Video: Xbox Live and Xbox Live Extras


I don’t exactly know why you have to download an extra app to get what I feel like should be included in the Xbox Live experience out of the box, but I did it and show you in a video. The integration is pretty cool too. This video is the 1st in a series of […]

Windows Phone 7 sales go live today!


Today is the day for US consumers to get out there and grab a Windows Phone 7 device. I know in the Wal Mart in Tuscaloosa, Alabama had what looked to be 8-10 HTC HD7 phones under the glass on Friday. If your T-Mobile runs out, head to Wal Mart or Radio Shack. I am […]

Photo Gallery: HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7)


In addition to the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, I also broke down and bought an HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 Friday. I have spent most of my time testing the HD7 and neglecting the myTouch 4G. The HD7 is growing on my fast too. I think I might be able use Windows Phone 7 as […]

Windows Phone 7 Initial Setup on the HTC HD7


Here is a video of the initial setup of Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD7. I show the initial setup of a Windows Live account, Gmail account, and Facebook account. I also show a bit of the customization that is available to users with Windows Phone 7. There isn’t much to customize though. I […]

The Pink HD7 Camera Problem


Early in the HTC HD2’s career, it was plagued with a camera problem. The images had a pink tint to them. This was before the HD2 even came to the US on T-Mobile. I posted a sample of my HD2 with this issue over on my old site and HTC patched this issue within 2 […]

HTC HD7 Unboxing and Hardware Quick Look


I broke down today and purchased the HTC HD7 and did a quick unboxing and hardware tour to share. I will be posting a couple more videos this weekend as well. The HTC HD7 officially goes on sale on Monday and will cost $600 (no contract price) or $199 on contract after a $200 instant […]

Engadget Reviews the HTC HD7


Last night, I mentioned in a review wrap up post that I didn’t see any HTC HD7 reviews popping up. I went off to play some games and watch some MMA and returned to find a review from Engadget in my RSS feeds. Unfortunately, this review is not the US, T-Mobile version, but the hardware […]

T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 in stores November 8th for $199.99


I guess the buzz that AT&T is getting tonight with the Windows Phone 7 embargo being lifted a couple of hours ago has T-Mobile a little envious. I don’t know why there are no reviews of the T-Mo HTC HD7 hitting the interwebz right now, no idea at all and since HTC has devices out […]

T-Mobile announces the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro


T-Mobile announced the HTC HD7 (HTC Tropy) in a press release today, with a side note at the bottom about the Dell Venue Pro. I love HTC and Dell, It hurts my feelings to see T-Mobile neglect Dell in this press release. Just kidding, they both look awesome!

The Quietly Brilliant Story of HTC


This evening I followed a link to YouTube from a retweet from James Kendrick. It’s a video from HTC that shows a time line of their innovation. I somehow missed this one during my 6 months off. Don’t laugh at some of the devices shown in the video, I know some of you had them […]