How To Watch The ‘Facebook Phone’ Event Live

Facebook Home UI leak 2

Today at 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT Facebook will announce its new home on Android,” but you don’t have to live¬†in the Bay Area to watch the event live. At the event Facebook will likely announce its new Facebook Home, a new Facebook app that comes with a custom Android launcher. Leaks of the […]

Why a Facebook Phone May Be Just As Good for Business

Facebook enhanced caller ID screen; image courtesy of Unwired View

With rumors swirling about the Facebook Phone–also rumored to be called Facebook Home, HTC First, HTC Myst, or HTC Opera depending on the leaks you read and when those leaks debuted–the question remains can the social networking giant appeal to business users as it has for consumers with its first real foray into the smartphone […]

Is this the Real Facebook Phone?

HTC First Facebook phone

A leaked photo from @evleaks shows what could be the final design and name for the HTC Myst, a.k.a. the “Facebook Phone.” The photo shows a rather generic smartphone that looks a bit like an iPhone that carries the name “HTC First.” The phone’s name uses the same blue that Facebook uses through its website […]

Facebook Home Coming Soon for HTC Myst, Other Android Phones

Facebook Home leak

A leaked android application package (APK) of the new Facebook app for Android shows the specs of the phone Facebook Home will release on, along with a few other hints at its functionality. Code in the leaked APK obtained by Android Police¬†shows it will come to an HTC phone called the HTC Myst. The phone […]

Facebook Puts Its Network at the Center of ‘Facebook Home’ Smartphone


While a cryptic media invitation may lead many to believe that Facebook is developing some Android-centric experiences for Google’s Android platform, the latest report suggests that the social network giant will be releasing its own Android-based smartphone come Thursday called ‘Facebook Home.’ The Facebook Home will be unveiled at an event where Facebook says, ‘come […]

Possible HTC Facebook Phone Details Leak

HTC Myst leaked specs

A leaked set of specs for an unannounced HTC smartphone could be for an upcoming Facebook phone, the successor to the HTC Status and ChaCha. According to Unwired View the HTC Myst #UL will come to AT&T later this year as the newest Facebook phone from the manufacturer. HTC’s previous Facebook phone on AT&T, the […]