T-Mobile’s Massive November Smartphone Launch Gets Detailed


As the sole carrier left without an iPhone in its portfolio, T-Mobile will be making up for lost ground come this November with a massive roll out of multiple Android smartphone and tablet models. Deployment of new devices actually begin in October with several feature models and November will usher in the remainder of T-Mobile’s […]

HTC Radar Features Windows Phone Mango, 3.8-Inch Display

HTC Radar

The HTC Titan wasn’t the only Windows Phone Mango device that HTC announced today. No, it also announced a device called the HTC Radar, a smartphone more commonly known as the HTC Omega. Like the HTC Titan, we saw the specs of the Omega/Radar leak out earlier today so the announcement really doesn’t bring many […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Gets Caught on Video

HTC Omega

It appears that the HTC Omega aka HTC Radar leaks are going to continue all the way up until HTC makes an announcement at the IFA conference in Berlin as the phone has now appeared on video shortly after its full specification sheet leaked out and a few days after the phone leaked out in […]

HTC Eternity and HTC Omega Windows Mango Phones Get Fully Detailed

HTC Omega

We’ve heard about both the HTC Eternity aka HTC Titan and the HTC Omega before. In fact, the HTC Omega aka HTC Radar has already graced us with its presence in front of the camera. But today, courtesy of BuyMobilePhones.net (1,2), we have our first in-depth look at the specifications of two Windows Phone Mango […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Gets Caught in the Wild (Photos)

HTC Omega

We’ve already heard quite about the HTC Omega, a Windows Phone device that we expect HTC to unveil on September 1st, but until these photos leaked out, we hadn’t seen it show up in the wild. Before today, we had only seen it show up in a render. The photos come courtesy of an Algerian […]

HTC Omega Launching as HTC Radar; HTC Eternity Launching as Titan

HTC Eternity/Titan

Two HTC-made Windows Phone 7 Mango devices are now having their launch names revealed. The first, the HTC Omega, which is a successor to devices like the HTC Trophy on Verizon and bears a striking back design that’s reminiscent of the HTC Flyer tablet, will be known as the HTC Radar when it becomes available […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Surfaces in First Image

HTC Omega

We are pretty sure that HTC is going to be announcing the HTC Omega and HTC Eternity with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on September 1st but before today, we really didn’t know what to expect in the looks department. Today, Pocketnow uncovered the first image of the HTC Omega, front-facing camera and all, and boy […]

HTC to Reveal Two Windows Phone Mango Handsets on September 1st?


We know that HTC is hosting some sort of event on September 1st and speculation about the devices has been rampant. Will it be the HTC Vigor, the first phone to feature HTC’s new partnership with Beats? The HTC Jetstream, HTC and AT&T’s first 4G LTE tablet? Or would it be the the HTC Ruby […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Believed to Sport 1.5 GHz Snapdragon


Additional details about the HTC Omega smartphone was leaked and now the next-generation Windows Phone 7 device is believed to be launched with Microsoft’s Mango software update as a second-generation phone. The device is said to be the successor to the HTC 7 Mozart, and will have a smaller 3.8-inch display rather than the larger […]

HTC Omega, Eternity Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Rumored


HTC is rumored to be working on two new Windows Phone 7 handsets at opposite ends of the spectrum with the Mango firmware update pre-loaded. The HTC Eternity will be a high-end Windows Phone 7 device while the HTC Omega will be targeted at the entry level demographic. WMPU received a tip on the new […]