HTC One Max Release Expands to AT&T


When the new HTC One Max was announced last week many were concerned over the lack of details regarding US carriers offering the handset, but over the weekend we received a few more tips. Aside from Sprint confirming the device, and Verizon tweeting a picture of the 5.9-inch smartphone, that’s all we’ve heard. For those […]

HTC One Max Release Will be Limited


Earlier this week HTC finally announced its all-new One Max smartphone to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other big screen smartphones. However, it will be hard to compete with the competition if you aren’t even in the race. After learning both Verizon and Sprint would offer the new One Max, we all […]

Verizon HTC One Max Release Inches Closer

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.09.02 AM

After months of leaks this week the new HTC One Max smartphone was finally unveiled, but we’re still waiting for additional details as to who all will carry the smartphone in the US. The HTC One eventually landed on almost all carriers, but so far things aren’t looking the same for the bigger brother with […]

HTC One Max vs Galaxy Note 3: 10 Key Differences


After months of waiting HTC finally has some competition for Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup, and yesterday announced the new HTC One Max smartphone. With a 5.9-inch full HD display this massive smartphone looks to take on the competition from Samsung, and anyone else that releases a large screen smartphone. HTC delivered more than just a […]

HTC One Max Heading to Verizon “This Holiday Season”


Verizon has officially confirmed that the HTC One max will be heading to Big Red later this year. The carrier sent out a tweet saying that the new phablet-style smartphone “is coming to Verizon this holiday season” — no word of a specific release date or time window was disclosed. Furthermore, Verizon has put up a […]

7 HTC One Max Features You’ll Want to Use

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.09.03 AM

After countless leaks and rumors today the HTC One Max smartphone has officially been announced. With a huge full 1080p HD 5.9-inch display to compete with the Galaxy Note 3 and a fingerprint sensor on back to rival Apple’s iPhone 5S, HTC has big hopes for this latest smartphone. Now that the phablet is finally official, […]

HTC One Max Official: 5.9-Inch Display with Fingerprint Sensor


HTC has officially announced it’s latest device, called the One max, in order to take on the growing market of oversized phablet-style smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The One max comes with a 5.9-inch full 1080p HD display, as well as a new fingerprint sensor on the back of the device that can […]

7 Tips for HTC One Max Buyers

Pictures of what's rumored to be the HTC One Max.

In just a few short days, HTC is expected to debut a brand new smartphone that will join the HTC One and the HTC One Mini. The device, currently known as the HTC One Max, looks like it will be a solid Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. Better yet, it appears that it’s headed to […]

Massive HTC One Max Spotted in the Wild as Launch Date Nears

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.23.37 PM

The rather large 5.9-inch HTC One Max smartphone is no small secret at this point. Having leaked numerous times over the past few moths. While most reports and leaks have been of renders and unfinished prototypes, today the phablet was spotted out in the wild being used. It’s safe to say a launch date is […]

HTC One Max Fingerprint Sensor Detailed in Leaked Illustrations

Screenshot 2013-10-10 10.19.15

Illustrations of the HTC One Max’s rumored fingerprint sensor have leaked out, revealing how the mechanism will work. According to the graphics, the sensor will be square-shaped and be located on the back of the device just under the camera module in the center. Furthermore, it also appears that users will be able to register […]

HTC One Max Event Teased for October 16 in Hong Kong


HTC has sent out invites for an event that we suspect will consist of the announcement of the HTC One Max. The company sent out multiple invites, as well, for different regions. Specifically, HTC sent invites for Hong Kong with an October 16 date on them, and invites were also sent for Taiwan for October […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One Max Photo Buyers Need to See

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitors continue to come out of the woodwork and this time, it’s the rumored HTC One Max, a larger version of the HTC One, that has come out of hiding ahead of its launch in a photo that shows it next to the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3. The photo should be […]

Verizon HTC One Max Photos Leak Out


This isn’t the first time we’re seeing the HTC One Max splayed out for the camera, but it’s the first time that we’re seeing the device with carrier branding on it. An anonymous Verizon employee has sent out photos of what is claimed to be the HTC One Max, with Verizon branding toward the bottom […]

Beats Exec Confirms Existence of HTC One Max


Beats Electronics President and COO Luke Wood said in an interview that HTC is working on “several new devices” that will launch in the fall, including a “large-format HTC device.” We can only assume that he’s talking about the HTC One Max — HTC’s rumored take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other phablet-style […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One max Battle Closer Than Ever

The HTC One max next to the Galaxy Note 3.

The upcoming battle between the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the rumored HTC One max is now closer than ever as several rumors point to an HTC One max launch taking place in the middle of October, several weeks after the Galaxy Note 3 hits shelves in the United States. For months, rumors have suggested […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One max Photos Give Best Look Yet

The backs of the Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One max compared.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One max are poised to go head-to-head later on this year and new photos have surfaced depicting the two giants next to each other before their upcoming release dates in the United States. Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, its successor to the popular Galaxy […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One max Photos Show Size Difference

The Galaxy Note 3 next to the HTC One max.

New photos appear to show off the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 next to the HTC One max, giving prospective buyers a glimpse at how the Galaxy Note 3 design should stack up next to the larger HTC One max. Rumors suggest that HTC will be releasing a large-screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor at some […]

HTC One Max Pictures Leak, Large Screen and Finger Print Reader in Tow


New pictures of the HTC One Max have leaked, giving potential users one of their first up close glimpses of what looks like a rear-mounted finger print reader on the device’s rear. Pictures of the rumored device surfaced on Chinese social networking website Weibo according to NewCellPhonesBlog. They depict a device that includes many of the design […]

HTC One Max Could Borrow iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3 Features

We check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. iPhone 5 camera comparison.

A new HTC One Max leak suggests that the device could borrow features from both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S. The HTC One Max is rumored to be a larger version of the HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. Rumors suggest that the phone will boast a […]

HTC One Max May Bring Big Sense 5 Update

The HTC One Max is rumored for September with a 6-inch display.

The HTC One Max is rumored to be HTC’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. The device, which has leaked out several times in the past, has seemingly leaked out again today in a specification leak that lines up with all of the HTC One Max rumors we’ve seen emerge in the past few months. With […]