HTC M4 and G2 Rumored to Arrive Shortly After HTC M7 Release


A new leak from Unwired View says that HTC has mid-range and low-end phones ready to release shortly after it launches the upcoming HTC M7. If the HTC M7 is the successor to the One X from last year, then the rumored M4 and G2 are the equivalent successors to the HTC One S and […]

HTC One XXL Leaks: Massive Display, Quad-Core, 4G LTE


It looks like HTC might be cooking up a quad-core, 4G LTE device called the HTC One XXL. A screenshot from SmartDroid has revealed the HTC One XXL’s key specifications and if real, this is a device that should have both Android and hardware enthusiasts thinking about making it their next phone. The photo reveals […]

HTC One Series Not Headed to Verizon

HTC One Series Not Headed to Verizon

While not surprising, we now have confirmation that Verizon won’t be getting any of the HTC One Series devices, a lineup that includes the HTC One X, HTC One S, and the HTC One V. The confirmation comes from HTC spokesperson Jeff Gordon who has told Android Authority that Verizon won’t be carrying any of […]

HTC One V Coming to Several U.S. Carriers This Summer

HTC One V Hitting Several U.S. Carriers This Summer

HTC has announced that its only member of the HTC One Series yet to hit the United States, the HTC One V, will do so at some point this summer. It has also revealed that it will be hitting a ‘variety’ of U.S. carriers although the manufacturer didn’t exactly specify who would be getting it. […]

HTC One X Review | $199 AT&T 4G LTE


HTC hopes to regain their King of the Hill status in the realm of Android smartphones with the One series, and the HTC One X is the flagship of the line. Featuring LTE speeds, a robust processor, a great camera plus a really good audio experience, the One X has what it takes to be a fabulous phone.

HTC One S Camera and Video Samples

HTC One S Camera

One of the features HTC is very proud of on the T-Mobile HTC One S and other One series smartphones is the camera on the back. It features a 28mm wide-angle f/2.0 lens backed by a camera app with a ton of settings and filters. (Read: T-Mobile HTC One S Review) With this hardware, owners […]

How To Change Lock Screen Apps On HTC One / HTC Sense 4 Phones

Change Lock Screen Apps HTC One - Sense 4

While reviewing the HTC One S, I started poking around the many personalization settings offered by HTC Sense 4. Sense offers a huge number of ways users can tweak the user interface, including the ability to change the apps that one can launch directly from the lock screen. However, when I went to do this, […]

T-Mobile HTC One S Review


The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE may be getting the lion’s share of attention from Android lovers these days, but there are two other handsets in the HTC One series coming out soon as well. The middle child of the group, the HTC One S, is set to go on sale April […]

HTC One S Details, Review & Hands-On Video Roundup

HTC One S Details, Review & Hands-On Video Roundup

The HTC One S, like its HTC One Series brothers, was originally announced back at the Mobile World Congress in February. With the HTC One X on the high end and the HTC One V representing the lower-end, the HTC One S figures to sit somewhere in between the both of them. Like the One […]

HTC Returns to Its Roots with Sense 4.0

HTC Returns to Its Roots with Sense 4.0

In an interview with Pocket-lint, HTC’s chief product officer Kouji Kodera admitted that the company’s HTC Sense user interface, software found on the company’s Android phones, became too bloated. Good news though. Kodera says that HTC Sense 4.0, the UI found on the company’s new HTC One Series of smartphones that were announced at Mobile […]

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

This year’s Mobile World Congress has produced quite a few interesting smartphones. The big story of the show has been the arrival quad-core powered smartphones which are poised to go on sale for the first time. Those devices have been headlined by the  likes of the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD […]

In-Depth Hands-On: HTC One X and Sense 4.0 (Video)

HTC One X Main

HTC grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday with the announcement of their new HTC One line of smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One X, One S and One V share many features and specs with slight differences in design and elements, such as the camera. If this sounds familiar, it’s what Samsung has done with […]

HTC Unveils the HTC One Series


HTC goes for a “Premium” market with the HTC One Series. At Mobile World Congress today, HTC announced the HTC One series with promises of a better phone experience. HTC is claiming this series will not only have awesome specs that we all love, but also a better task management and a more simplified home […]