HTC Jetstream LTE Tablet Headed to AT&T for $699 On-Contract

HTC Jetstream

We’ve been waiting for the HTC Puccini tablet to get official for quite sometime now and finally AT&T has coughed up the goods giving us the official name, specifications, pricing, and release date. There’s good and bad news here so why don’t we start with the good news. The good news is that AT&T revealed […]

HTC Puccini/Jetstream Honeycomb Slate Confirmed with AT&T 4G LTE


It looks like we now have confirmation that the 10-inch HTC Puccini Android slate will be shipping to AT&T’s 4G wireless network with LTE network support. The device is reported by Engadget to be in the testing phase and should be available soon. When launched, the HTC Puccini should give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 […]

HTC Puccini Tablet to Hit AT&T as HTC Jetstream?

HTC Puccini

We knew that the name HTC Puccini would not be the final retail name for HTC’s upcoming 10-inch 4G LTE tablet for AT&T and now, finally, we have a pretty good lead on what the name of the device will be. Pocketnow is reporting that the device will be called the HTC Jetstream when it […]

HTC: Puccini 4G Tablet Launching in September or October


HTC’s chief financial officer has unofficially confirmed that the company’s debut 10-inch Android Honeycomb slate will be launching sometime in the September or October time frame. The HTC Puccini was originally believed to be a 4G LTE slate that will be a larger version of the HTC Flyer or HTC EVO View 4G 7-inch tablet […]

HTC Set to Make ‘Major News Announcement’ Tomorrow


HTC has just alerted to the world that it will be making a “major news announcement”, their words, not ours, tomorrow morning at 11:30am EST. HTC CEO Peter Chou is going to be making the announcement via live teleconference from Los Angeles and unfortunately, that’s all we know at this point. No specifics were offered […]

AT&T to Launch at Least One 4G LTE Smartphone in 2011


AT&T is scheduled to roll out its 4G LTE network at some point this summer but it appears that Ma Bell won’t be launching a 4G LTE smartphone with it as the mobile carrier confirmed that it won’t be launching an LTE compatible smartphone in the United States until late 2011. If you’re surprised by […]

HTC Quietly Unveils Sense UI on Honeycomb Tablets


Skipping a formal announcement of the proprietary HTC Sense user interface, Taiwanese smartphone- and tablet-maker HTC has uploaded several images of what appears to be Sense and the HTC Scribe functionality on top of Google’s Honeycomb tablet operating system on its developer’s portal. is now live with images of what inking on Honeycomb will […]

HTC Puccini Set for September 1st Launch?


It looks like HTC’s debut 10-inch Honeycomb tablet for AT&T’s wireless network in the U.S. may be set to launch on September 1st. The company has been sending out invitations to a mysterious launch event where details are not yet announced, but industry insiders are speculating that the event may see the debut of the […]

HTC Puccini Passes FCC on Its Way to AT&T’s 4G LTE Network

HTC Puccini

It has been awhile since we heard from AT&T’s rumored LTE Android tablet, the HTC Puccini, but today it has reemerged back onto the scene in a big way as Engadget has caught it passing through the FCC with, you guessed it, LTE radios on board. The filing reveals a bunch of things including a […]

HTC Announcing New Device on June 27th?

HTC Puccini

HTC has some mysterious devices floating around right now and it looks like we might finally get some confirmation on at least one of them as the company is rumored to be hosting an event in London on June 27th where it will be showing us “where design and advanced technology can lead.” The claim, […]

HTC Puccini 4G LTE Tablet for AT&T Gets More Details

HTC Puccini

Last we heard from the HTC Puccini was back at the beginning of May when it surfaced in an image and revealed itself as a 4G LTE tablet destined for AT&T. However, details were scarce. Fortunately, a few more details have leaked out and they have cleared up a couple of important things. The HTC […]

HTC Puccini, 10-inch LTE Tablet for AT&T, Gets Pictured (Image)

HTC Puccini

An image of the HTC Puccini, a codename for what is purportedly a 10-inch LTE Android tablet destined for AT&T, has surfaced today. Details on the device are light with speculation resting on the tablet being an Android 3.0 Honeycomb device with HTC Scribe technology meaning it would use the same stylus that the HTC […]