HTC Rezound Unboxing

HTC Rezound Inside the Box

The HTC Rezound is now in the house! I just took it out of the box and I’m going to spent the next couple of days putting the smartphone through it’s paces and get you a full review as soon as possible so you can decide whether to buy it. The big deal with this […]

Why I Am Passing on the HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound

As many of you know, I have been on the search for a new smartphone to replace my iPhone 3GS. Last week, I wrote at length as to why I would be passing on Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, and one of those reasons was because of the quality of the Android […]

HTC Rezound Will Cost $650 Off-Contract

HTC Rezound

Hoping to get the upcoming HTC Rezound for Verizon off-contract? Well, be prepared to pay a steep price because it looks like Big Red will be giving it a familiar $650 price tag once it hit shelves on November 14th. The price is of course familiar because it’s the same expensive price that the carrier […]

Spec Showdown: Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid RAZR vs. HTC Rezound

Droid RAZR vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. HTC Rezound

Verizon has announced a trio of 4G LTE smartphones that are set to debut throughout the month of November. The list includes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid RAZR, and HTC Rezound, all of which look to be solid choices for those looking to get a new Android smartphone. But how do they compare? It’s […]

Android 4.0 Update Confirmed for HTC EVO 3D, Rezound, Sensation

Android 4.0

It was only a matter of time before manufacturers started confirming the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for more than just a few phones and sure enough HTC has come onto the scene confirming the update for a multitude of phones while suspicions leaving some devices out of the announcement. In a lengthy Facebook […]

HTC Rezound Promo Video is Mobile Marketing at Its Best

HTC Rezound

In the past, I have criticized Verizon for its marketing failures. It failed miserably with its first ads for the Motorola Droid Bionic and its 4G LTE network. And while it has since released some stellar ads for both of them, it appears HTC wasn’t about to take the risk of letting them market the […]

HTC Rezound Hands-On – Big Screen, Fast Processor, & Sweet Beats

HTC Rezound

HTC’s newest Android smartphone for Verizon Wireless has all the qualities of a superstar superphone: fast processor, fast network, and a big display. It’s lightweight, well-designed, feels good in the hand, and has a kickin’ audio system that makes it good enough to be your only MP3 player. This is nothing new from HTC. Though […]

HTC Rezound Announced: 4G LTE, 720p HD Display, Beats Audio

HTC Rezound

HTC has finally announced its latest Verizon-bound smartphone, the HTC Rezound, a phone that we once knew as the HTC Vigor. As expected, the Rezound is going to be powered by Big Red’s 4G LTE network and it will be the first U.S. smartphone to have Beats Audio on board. Unsurprisingly, the phone is exactly […]

HTC Rezound Appears in New Official Image

HTC Rezound

While we should see HTC and Verizon announce the HTC Rezound in just under three hours at an event in New York City, those of you anxiously waiting to see this device be made official will be happy to know that it has shown up in an official image today showing off its front, side […]

HTC Rezound Compared to HTC ThunderBolt in New Video

HTC Rezound

Yesterday, we got our first extensive look at the upcoming HTC Rezound aka HTC Vigor, a device that will more than likely be announced by HTC at an event in New York City on November 3rd. Today, another video has surfaced offering up yet another sneak peek at the highly anticipated smartphone. This time though, […]

HTC Rezound Appears in Lengthy Hands On Video

HTC Rezound

When it rains in the smartphone world it pours. Just a short time after we told you about a new possible release date for the HTC Rezound, the phone, in pre-production model form, has appeared on YouTube in a lengthy hands-on video showing off the phone’s form factor and giving us a little tour on […]

HTC Rezound Shows Up in Ad, Gets Another Possible Release Date

HTC Rezound

We have a pretty good feeling that HTC is going to be announcing the Verizon-bound HTC Rezound on November 3rd and that feeling has just gotten stronger now that the Rezound has shown up in an advertisement at Verizon retail stores. Over the weekend, Droid-Life released a photo of the HTC Rezound aka HTC Vigor, […]

HTC Rezound (HTC Vigor) Announcement Coming November 3rd?

HTC Rezound

It appears as though HTC has begun sending out invites to an event taking place on November 3rd in New York City and speculation rests on the company announcing its latest smartphone, rumored to be the HTC Rezound aka HTC Vigor, a device that it will pit against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus […]

HTC Rezound’s Extended Battery Cover Shows Off Big Bulge


A few days ago, we were treated to images of the HTC Rezound, a device that’s been known by many leaked, speculated, and code names in the past. Now, we are seeing an extended battery cover that extends the topographic back cover design–a design philosophy that has been borrowed from the HTC Droid Incredible and […]

HTC Rezound (HTC Vigor) Appears in New Image

HTC Rezound

This week has been very fruitful as far as new Android phones are concerned. We’ve seen Motorola announce the new 4G LTE enabled Droid RAZR for Verizon and we also saw Samsung announce the new Galaxy Nexus which we suspect will be headed to Verizon’s 4G LTE network at some point in November. However, there […]

HTC Vigor Sees 4G LTE, Global Roaming, and Real Name Confirmed

HTC Rezound

It has been awhile since we saw our old friend the HTC Vigor come to the surface so it’s refreshing to see that it’s still alive and ticking. The pulse comes in the form of a leak showing off Verizon’s internal system and it seems to confirm a couple of different things. First, it tells […]

HTC Vigor Launching as HTC Vigor?


The HTC Vigor, among one of the first devices to utilize a higher resolution 720p HD display, has been catching a lot of buzz lately, and it appears that Verizon may have settled on the final branding name for the device. Originally revealed as the HTC Vigor through leaks, it was believed that Vigor may […]

HTC Vigor Launching as HTC Rezound on Verizon?


The much talked about next-generation HTC Vigor, which is rumored to be a 4G LTE handset with a 720p HD resolution display, may launch as the HTC Rezound once it hits Verizon Wireless in the U.S. The device had several possible names in the past, and it was believed to possibly launch as either the […]