HTC Sensation 4G Launching June 12th at Walmart, June 15th at T-Mobile

HTC Sensation 4G

It looks like that June 8th launch date for the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile was a little premature as the carrier has announced that the dual-core smartphone will be out on June 15th at retail stores and through T-Mobile. It had been rumored that the Sensation 4G might be headed to shelves in early […]

T-Mobile Announces That Some ‘Sensational’ News is Coming Tonight


T-Mobile USA, which is expected to land the HTC Sensation 4G Android handset with a 4.3-inch qHD display on its HSPA+ network, has turned to Twitter to pre-announced that it has more news coming about the handset. The company tweeted, “We have some “sensational” news coming later tonight. Keep an eye on the @TMobile Twitter stream,” […]

HTC Evaluating Locked Bootloader Policy


After HTC, which has in the past been warm and welcoming to hackers, stated that its HTC Sensation 4G (coming to T-Mobile USA) and the EVO 3D (coming to Sprint as a 4G WiMax phone) would both be launched with a locked bootloader, user outcry has prompted the company to release a statement on its […]

T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Gets Caught in The Wild (Photos)


If the locked bootloader situation hasn’t scared you away from T-Mobile’s upcoming beast of a smartphone, the HTC Sensation 4G, then you probably want to have a look at this collection of photos of the device that clearly shows off its T-Mobile roots. There is one thing that we know for sure. The HTC Sensation […]

HTC Sensation Now Available on Vodafone UK

HTC Sensation

The highly anticipated HTC Sensation has arrived across the pond in the UK on Vodafone which means that those that pre-ordered over the last couple of weeks should start seeing their orders arrive very soon. Here’s how it all breaks down. The HTC Sensation is actually available for free if you sign up for a […]

HTC Sensation Details, Review & Hands-On Video Roundup

HTC Sensation

The HTC Sensation is an upcoming smartphone that was originally known as the HTC Pyramid before HTC made the device official at a press event on April 12th in London. Because of its features, the HTC Sensation is one of the most anticipated Android handsets to date. HTC Sensation Release Date While the HTC Sensation […]

T-Mobile Launching Three Android Handsets on June 8th

Samsung Gravity Touch 2

It appears that T-Mobile is gearing up for three launches on June 8th with the Samsung Exhibit 4G and the Samsung Gravity Touch 2 joining the highly anticipated HTC Sensation on T-Mobile’s network. While the HTC Sensation is a beast of a phone, the Exhibit 4G and the Gravity Touch 2 are both mid-range Android […]

Target Leaks T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Launch Date, Price

HTC Sensation at Target

The HTC Sensation with its large 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel HD camera, and the latest version of HTC Sense will be among the many Android phones to lust for this summer, and a Target leak suggests that the phone will launch on Sunday, June 11, 2011 at the retailer for a price of $200 with […]

10 Reasons Why The HTC Sensation Should be Your Next Phone (Video)

HTC Sensation

HTC has released a new promotional video (the first one you can find here) giving 10 solid reasons as to why the upcoming HTC Sensation should be your next smartphone. The HTC Sensation aka HTC Pyramid is currently one of the most anticipated phones out there, on par with the upcoming global release of the […]

HTC Sensation Spotted at FCC, T-Mobile Release Getting Closer

Doubleshot FCC label

The HTC Sensation, one of the most powerful phones, is sitting at U.S. regulatory agency FCC for approval. The device features a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, high resolution qHD display, an array of wireless radios and sensors, and can be seen as an HTC EVO 3D for Sprint without the 3D screen or dual rear […]

HTC Launching Trace Keyboard on Sensation to Compete with Swype

HTC Trace on the HTC Sensation

The newly announced HTC Sensation smartphone will not only come with a number of new hardware specs, but will also launch with a new software keyboard called HTC Trace. HTC Trace will be competing against Swype to provide users with a different method of entering text on a touchscreen smartphone. Rather than pecking away at […]

HTC Sensation Sign Up Page Goes Live

HTC Sensation

HTC has gone ahead and posted a sign up page for its upcoming device, the HTC Sensation, its freshly announced dual-core handset which recently was rumored to be coming out on June 8th. If you head here, you’ll be able to sign up and follow along with all of the official news that the company […]

HTC Sensation Launching on June 8th?

HTC Sensation Launch Date?

If you type in ‘HTC Sensation’ into Google and hit Search, take a look at the ad on the very top. There is a very good chance that you might see ‘HTC Sensation 4G – On 6/8 – Complete With HTC Watch & HTC Sense’ which means that June 8th is now the first specific […]

HTC Watch Video Streaming Service to Debut with HTC Sensation


Following Samsung’s launch of the Media Hub for its own smartphones and tablets, HTC will be debuting its own video streaming service called HTC Watch that will appear first on the HTC Sensation 4.3-inch Android smartphone featuring a 2D qHD and 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU. However, with fragmented, OEM-created media experiences, the convenience factor […]

HTC Sensation Appears in First Promo Videos

HTC Sensation

For those just emerging from underneath rocks, HTC announced a new dual-core device this morning called the HTC Sensation aka the HTC Pyramid. It’s an exciting launch and those interested in the device will be happy to know that HTC has put up several promo videos showing off the device. The two promotional videos show […]

HTC Sensation Headed to T-Mobile USA This Summer

HTC Sensation

HTC announced the HTC Sensation aka HTC Pyramid at a press event earlier in London and while it will be headed to Vodafone and Asian markets first, HTC and T-Mobile have confirmed that the device will be headed to T-Mobile USA this summer. This should come as a relief to those in the United States […]

HTC Sensation Officially Announced, Headed To Vodafone First

HTC Sensation

HTC officially announced the HTC Sensation aka the HTC Pyramid at their press event in London finally making one of the most rumored phones official. Folks on Vodafone in the United Kingdom and other European countries will be the first people to see the device in Q2 and that launch will be followed by a […]

Qualcomm Confirms HTC Sensation’s Dual-Core Snapdragon CPU


In a tweet, Qualcomm Germany has confirmed the existence of the oft-rumored HTC Sensation Android smartphone, which has also gone by the name HTC Pyramid and is tied with T-Mobile USA in the States. Qualcomm’s Twitter message serves to confirm and promote the company’s mobile dual-core 1.2 GHz processor that’s coming to the HTC smartphone. […]

HTC Pyramid Launching April 12th As HTC Sensation?

HTC Pyramid

Pocket-lint is reporting that the heavily rumored HTC Pyramid will be announced at HTC’s April 12th event as the HTC Sensation. HTC has said that it will be debuting “what’s next” at the event that takes place in London next Tuesday and it looks like the HTC Sensation will be what the company shows off. […]