iPhone to Android Part Three – Cost of Switching

Android eats and Apple

After owning an iPhone switching to an Android can be costly. I’m not talking about the initial outlay to buy the phone or even the cost of the monthly bill from my wireless carrier. Instead, there are costs like apps to replace those used on an iPhone and all those accessories. This can be the […]

HTC ThunderBolt Owners Reporting Random Reboots after Update

HTC ThunderBolt

It has become apparent that numerous HTC ThunderBolt owners are experiencing random reboots after installing yesterday’s update that was supposed to bring nothing but good stuff to Verizon’s 4G LTE device. I had seen some chatter about this last night and it looks like it’s gaining steam because Droid-Life has thrown up a report indicating […]

HTC ThunderBolt Power Button Problems Solved with WidgetLocker App

HTC ThunderBolt Power Button

The HTC ThunderBolt is a pretty amazing phone, but for some users, the power button is practically flush with the phone. This can make turning it on, especially at night, a hassle to say the least. Fortunately, WidgetLocker is a handy app that lets you turn on your screen with a press of your volume buttons. WidgetLocker […]

HTC ThunderBolt Update Now Available

HTC ThunderBolt

It appears that Verizon finally got its act together as the carrier has finally released the long awaited HTC ThunderBolt update that was delayed indefinitely because of unknown issues. Verizon originally announced that the OTA update would begin to roll out starting May 4th, however soon after, the carrier delayed it and put up a […]

HTC ThunderBolt: Best Buy Matches Amazon Pricing for 4G LTE Android

Samsung Fascinate with Screen Problem

Only a week into my experiment of seeing if an avowed iPhone user can be satisfied with an Android phone, my Samsung Fascinate began to exhibit some pretty strange behavior. So I returned it thinking I would just replace it with the same model or get a nicer phone, since I’m enjoying using the Android […]

HTC ThunderBolt Drops to $130 at Amazon

HTC ThunderBolt

Sick of waiting for Verizon to release the Samsung Droid Charge? Want to get your hands on a 4G LTE this very moment for a more than affordable price? Well, look no further than the offer that Amazon currently has going on for the 4G LTE equipped HTC ThunderBolt which has dipped to the low […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [May, 2011]


Recently, we had a look at the 5 best Android phones coming out this summer and now, we present to you what we here at GBM think are the five best Android smartphones on the market right now for the four major carriers in the U.S . There are some new phones and there is […]

HTC ThunderBolt Update Coming Soon, Says Verizon

HTC ThunderBolt

A day after the HTC ThunderBolt update was said to be delayed, Verizon has gone ahead confirmed this by updating the ThunderBolt’s support page with the words “Coming Soon.” We had thought that the HTC ThunderBolt update would start rolling out and bring owners of the 4G LTE device a host of improvements and bug […]

What Happens to Free HTC ThunderBolt Tethering on May 15th?

HTC Thunderbolt free tethering

When the HTC ThunderBolt launched back in March, it came with free wireless tethering as one of the perks. The free 4G tethering ends on May 15th, which means you’ll no longer be able to use the mobile hotspot app without paying up. We’ve been wondering if the promotion will automatically charge customers until they […]

HTC ThunderBolt Update Delayed by Verizon

ThunderBolt Update Delay

Remember that HTC ThunderBolt OTA update that was supposed to roll out and bring a host of improvements and fixes? Well, it appears that the update has been halted by Verizon and it will be delayed indefinitely because of unknown issues. While the update was no Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it did include some pretty nice […]

HTC ThunderBolt Update Rolling Out Tomorrow

HTC ThunderBolt

HTC ThunderBolt owners will be happy to hear that Verizon has announced that an update will be rolling out to the device tomorrow, an update that will bring several welcomed improvements and bug fixes. The update apparently will be rolling out OTA but it looks like Big Red will offer the ability to manually install […]

HTC ThunderBolt Still Stuck on 1x? How to Get 4G Back


Yesterday there was a nationwide 4G outage that left many HTC ThunderBolt owners without both 4G and 3G connections. While we still don’t know what has caused the widespread failure, Verizon has confirmed to GottaBeMobile that the Nationwide 4G LTE network is back up and running. Several of our writers found their ThunderBolts had connected […]

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Beginners (Video)

HTC ThunderBolt

Verizon has posted a series of videos on YouTube that touch on some tips for new HTC ThunderBolt users. The HTC ThunderBolt of course is Verizon’s first 4G LTE enabled device and that means that a lot of Verizon customers (and former customers of other providers) have probably made the switch. So, if this is […]