Flappy Bird Is Back: Play It on Any Device with a Web Browser

Flappy Bird

The developer of the frustratingly popular Flappy Bird mobile game has removed the game from the iTunes App Store after claiming he was tired of the fame that he’s been receiving, which has mostly been bad fame, unfortunately, due to the title being frustrating because of how difficult it is. Those who already have the […]

Mozilla Has Sprint, ZTE, And Others On Board For Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko is now Firefox OS, and the company has a few manufacturers and carriers ready to support the new platform. Mozilla announced the new name for the project today on its blog, and the company expects the first Firefox OS phone to land on Brazil’s Vivo carrier in early 2013. The other […]

Windows 8 Now Said to be Stable on ARM CPU


According to multiple sources to CNET, Windows 8 is now said to be running stable on ARM processors, and the new ARM-compatible build will be distributed to developers in February. News of the developer released was not delivered directly from sources from within Microsoft, the online publication says, but through hardware-makers who are expected to […]

TeleNav’s HTML5 GPS Solution Breaks Free of App Store Shackles


TeleNav, which had been creating apps for various platforms to leverage its GPS navigation solution, is now creating a platform-agnostic solution by turning to the mobile browser. With its new web app, TeleNav is porting its voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation solution to HTML 5 rather than relying on apps for different platforms. By turning […]

7 Mobile Trends for 2012: NFC, Nokia, Apps and HTML5

iphone-android-windows phone-marketshare

During the last year we have seen great growth in smartphone ownership, apps and the types of mobile websites that bring information to professionals and consumers. 2011 has been, and continues to be exciting, 2012 promises to bring us more progress in the mobile space thanks to increased attention to the user experience, more advanced […]

Adobe Flash Player Missing on Ice Cream Sandwich at Launch


Though Adobe has stated that it is exiting the mobile Flash market, the omission of the Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich caught many off guard as Flash has been supported on Android since version 2.2 Froyo. Those overseas who were fortunate enough to grab the debut Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the […]

Adobe Abandoning Flash for Android, Mobile Platforms


After along and acrimonious battle with Apple in trying to squeeze its Flash player, which is not only good for annoying Flash ads, but also for creating interactive websites and content, onto the iOS platform, Adobe had found a supporter and home in Android and RIM’s BlackBerry Tablet OS with the PlayBook. Now, it seems […]

Bing for Mobile Brings Deals & More to iPhone and Android

Bing Mobile App

Bing brought a new app to market today, which rounds up a collection of new features for iPhone and Android devices. Inside the new Bing for Mobile app, HTML5 powers the experience, which is also available on m.bing.com on devices like Windows Phone 7, which is not included in this update. Bing excitedly announced the […]

How Financial Times is Helping Consumers Unshackle Themselves From Apple


Financial Times just disclosed early results behind its newly launched web application and the data suggests a shifting trend from the apps ecosystem, in which Apple’s iOS mobile platform leads, to web apps, which can be accessed from any browser on any platform. According to the publication, whose native iOS app was removed from Apple […]

Kindle Cloud Reader Launches, Rocks on iPad

Kindle Cloud Reader Hands on - 4

Amazon hasn’t officially announced the new online ebook reading application, but it is now live at read.Amazon.com. The new online kindle reading app is officially known as the kindle cloud reader, and works in Chrome, Safari and on Safari on the iPad. iPad access is huge, because it gets around Apple’s restrictive in app purchase […]

Facebook’s ‘Project Spartan’ to be HTML5 App Store for iOS


Facebook has its eyes set on Apple’s iOS platform and the company may launch a rival app store that will be HTML5-based, rather than supporting native apps, that will allow it to compete with native apps available through Apple’s App Store. Apps for Project Spartan would be tied to Facebook’s social ecosystem and would work […]

With Movie Rentals, Google Sending Mixed Signals on Web Strategy


Despite having been an early backer of HTML5 with Android and its Chrome OS and browser, Google’s use of Adobe Flash technology to deliver movie rentals may be seen by some as contradictory to supporting open web technologies like HTML5 and its own WebM standard. At the Google I/O developer conference when Google had announced […]

Adobe Helps Developers Build Ads for iOS With Flash Conversion Tools


As the iOS platform currently doesn’t support Flash, developers who are using Flash tools to create ads are locked out of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads. Given the popularity of those devices, Adobe is looking to still capitalize on that market by helping Flash developers convert their Flash content to the iOS platform via […]

AT&T Lashes Out at Apple Over App Store Purchasing Policy


Though AT&T has been quiet about Apple in the past when it held an exclusivity with the iPhone for the U.S. market, the carrier had lashed out at Apple at Mobile World Congress over policies about the App Store now that its exclusivity period has ended. The carrier’s CEO Randall Stephenson says that customers should […]

The Apple Adobe Feud


John Gruber of Daring Fireball found the nugget in the developer’s terms of service and that added to Steve Jobs’ resounding no about any change in his feelings about Flash on his mobile devices has started a fire storm and is threatening to turn into a Hatfields vs McCoy’s like feud, if it hasn’t already. […]

My take on the Flash controversy


Reading all the comments for, against, and otherwise on Adobe Flash on mobile devices have been quite enlightening. I am mostly ambivalent about it, which is why I haven’t come out with a solid position yet. But since everyone else has shared, it’s only fair that I reciprocate.