Being a Glasshole While Driving Is Legal in California, Sort Of.


From pricing to privacy concerns, Google has attracted a lot of attention with its wearable smart glasses dubbed Google Glass. Most recently, though, another issue with Glass popped up in the state of California where a motorist was ticketed for distracted driving because she was wearing Google Glass when she pulled over by the California […]

Vocal Google Supporter Predicts the Doom of Google Glass


As Google is now beginning to expand the availability of its early Glass Explorer program beyond developers and into prosumers, vocal supporter of the wearable gadget Robert Scoble is now predicting that the product will ultimately fail in 2014 when it launches to consumers. Scoble made waves early on with Glass when the wearable computing […]

Google Glass Getting Its Own App Store in 2014


Google has confirmed that a separate app store for its wearable Google Glass eyewear is forthcoming in 2014. The company did not provide any details and over the weekend Clive Thompson wrote, “The company says an app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public,” in his account of his […]

Google Goes Grassroots With Glass, Will It Work?


Wearable computing is still a relatively new space, and Google has been forging a bold, new path with its wearable eyeglasses called Google Glass, that provides an always-present, always-on experience between reality and computing. Essentially, you’ll still see what’s in front of you as you’re walking down the street, but glance to the side or […]

Garmin’s HUD Accessory Helps Drivers Keep Eyes On the Road With GPS Navigation


Garmin is introducing an after-market heads-up display, or HUD, accessory that could project your next turn-by-turn direction onto your windshield. The aim of the accessory is so that users who use GPS navigation systems, particularly those manufactured or with software from Garmin or its Navigon subsidiary, could be more focused on driving and less distracted […]

Google to Ship Google Glass Next Month, Expect I/O to be Glass-Heavy


Google has announced that it will begin shipping its Google Glass wearable computing hardware sometime next month, which coincidentally would be during the same month that its Google I/O conference kicks off. The Google Glass project was announced at Google I/O 2012 almost a year ago, and this also means that Glass would be shipping […]

One U.S. State Wants to Ban Google Glass Use While Driving


Texting while driving is already a big no-no in many states and now West Virginia wants to be the first, if not among the first, U.S. state to say no to drivers using Google Glass behind the wheels. Republican Gary G Howell of the state’s legislature is proposing a bill that could see drivers fined […]

Google Glass to Support Prescription Lenses at Launch


When Google launches its Google Glass to consumers by the end of the year, the Internet search giant has confirmed that its heads-up display wearable computing device will in fact support the use of prescription lenses. This news is important as Google Glass is intended to be worn near the eye and users will interact […]

Google to Sell Head Mounted Computing Devices By End of Year


According to a report from the New York Times, Google is on track to selling their head-mounted Android computing devices by the end of the year for the price tag of $250-$600. Rumors of a secret project surrounding the Google heads-up display (HUD) have been circulating in recent weeks, and it is believed that the […]

Google’s Wearable Computing Android Glasses are Real and Coming Soon


Late last year, it was leaked that Google is working on a stealthy secret project in its Google X labs and it was revealed that the company is working on a heads-up display (HUD) wearable glasses that runs on the company’s mobile Android operating system. Now, it seems that 9to5google has obtained more information about […]