Seinfeld Online Streaming: 3 Things to Know

You can soon watch Seinfeld online.

“Where can I watch Seinfeld online?” This is perhaps the most asked question we hear from fans of 90’s sitcoms who spent years waiting for a place to stream Seinfeld to their TV, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Thanks to a new deal, we can finally tell you where to stream Seinfeld. You can stop searching for Seinfeld Netflix […]

New Hulu for iPhone Works With Xbox One


Microsoft may have only recently added wireless display technology to its Xbox One console, but already apps like the new Hulu for iPhone app are taking advantage and allowing users to stream their favorite television shows and movies directly to Microsoft’s entertainment console Hulu announced the new Hulu for iPhone app in a blog post […]

Free TV Shows Come to Galaxy S5 & HTC One With Hulu Update

Hulu Plus Update Brings Retina Support for New iPad

Hulu, one of the world’s largest and most well-known ways to watch television shows the day after they air live, is adding free streaming for users who have a smartphone running Google’s Android operating system, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One. Hulu announced today that users of Android-based smartphones and tablets can […]

Free Hulu Streaming Coming to iPhone and Android This Summer

Free Hulu coming this summer to mobile devices

The popular TV show streaming service Hulu has announced that it will be launching free Hulu streaming on iPhone and Android devices starting at some point this summer. Currently, you have to be a Hulu Plus subscriber in order to stream TV shows on your mobile device, but that will change over the summer when […]

How to Quit Cable and Save Money


While cable subscriptions are still alive and well, more and more households are making the switch to cutting the cable and relying on streaming services. Cable certainly isn’t cheap (although some cable providers are making it cheaper with basic bundles), and while it will always have its advantages no matter what, users are pondering just […]

Hulu Plus Arrives on Windows Phone

HULU Plus for Windows Phone

Users of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system will finally be able to take advantage of their Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu Plus for Windows Phone, which should be available sometime today according to The Verge, allows users to enjoy the service’s streaming content on their Windows Phone devices. In addition to streaming television shows that […]

Apple TV Update Gives Hulu A Needed Redesign


The latest Apple TV update includes a new version of the Hulu Plus app that’s easier to use than the previous version. The new Hulu Plus for Apple TV uses a clean design that blends the UI of Hulu Plus on other devices and the Apple TV UI. The app adds a navigation bar to […]

Hulu Plus Update Brings Improved AirPlay, Retina Display Support

Hulu Plus Update Brings Retina Support for New iPad

Hulu for iOS has finally been updated to support the Retina Display on the new iPad. The application has been updated to version 2.5 and the update brings quite a bit along with it. First and foremost, those who are rocking Apple’s new third-generation iPad will now have support for the device’s Retina Display. This […]

Hulu to Take Major Step Backward With Cord Cutting


Internet video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu were once heralded for their forward-thinking, allowing consumers the option to migrate away from expensive cable, satellite, or fiber paid TV services in favor of cheaper monthly subscription costs. However, that may change as Hulu, which is owned by a Provident Equity and a consortium of TV […]

Hulu Plus Finally Arrives on Select Android Tablets

Hulu Plus Finally Arrives on Select Android Tablets

Big news for owners of seven Android tablets including the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Eee Pad Transformer and the Motorola Xoom. Hulu has announced that its Hulu Plus application has arrived for those three and four other Android-powered slates today and it has done so in style. We should also mention that it has […]

4 Things Redbox’s Streaming Service Needs To Beat Netflix and Amazon

Redbox and Verizon Join Forces

Redbox and Verizon are hooking up to create a streaming media service to compete with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the like. The partnership, announced today, is not well detailed to keep rivals from knowing their plans ahead of time and moving swiftly to cut them off. According to Fast Company the partners will offer a […]

Hulu Plus No Longer Supports the Galaxy Nexus

Hulu Plus

It another piece of bad news for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – in addition to the Google Wallet and battery life problems, it appears that Hulu has gone ahead and dropped support for the first 4G LTE Nexus device. We heard from a few people this morning that the application no longer offered […]

15 iPhone Apps to Make Black Friday Bearable

TGI Black Friday

If you take your chances on Black Friday to brave the wild malls and shopping centers, then you’re indeed either braver or crazier than me. However, if you do so without these useful iPhone apps, then you’re probably just plain foolish. Here are the best apps to help you get through Black Friday to help […]

Hulu Plus for Android Update Brings Support for Nine More Devices

Hulu Plus

Slowly but surely, Hulu is rolling out its Android application to more devices and this time around, it’s nine devices, some of them pretty well known, that have been added to the support list. Hulu Plus version v1.0.139 also brings improved playback performance along with it which means those of you who currently have access […]

Hulu Starts Blocking the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

If your device doesn’t fall under Hulu’s agreements with studios, there is generally no soup for you. Translation: Hulu’s website is blocked on most tablets, and when you head to its website, you are greeted by a black screen that informs you that your platform is not supported. You get an apology for the inconvenience […]

Hulu Plus Now Working on All Previously Unsupported Android Devices?


It looks like Hulu may have updated its Hulu Plus subscription TV and video streaming app to bring broad Android compatibility. Before, like Netflix, Hulu Plus would only work on a number of certified Android handsets–perhaps due to DRM issues on Android–but now the app seems to be working fine on a number of Android […]

iVideo? Apple May Be Looking to Buy Hulu


We’ve known for a while now that Hulu wants to sell itself to the highest bidder. We’ve heard names like Google and Yahoo bandied around, but here’s a new name (you may have heard it before) to throw into the ring: Apple. According to Bloomberg, Apple is among those eyeing a purchase of the video […]

Students Get a Month of Hulu Plus Free with .edu Address

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus brings the shows you love from your notebook to your tablets, smartphones and HDTVs for $7.99 a month. The recent expansion to Android phones may leave you wanting to test out the service, but perhaps you’re not ready to pay $7.99 a month for the service, which includes commercials. If that’s the case and you […]