Android or Condom? Can You Tell Which is a Phone?

We all know that Android phones have long and interesting names, but I bet you didn’t know how much Android smartphone names had in common with condoms. Yep, if you take a look at Android smartphones for sale on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, you might think you’ve wandered into aisle 2 at your local CVS. […]

Top 11 Ways to Use Your Hot New iPad (Video)

New iPad Fry an Egg

The new iPad is hot, I don’t just mean 3 million sold during opening weekend hot, but literally hot. How hot? According to consumer reports it can reach a not so blistering 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the 13 degree heat bump while playing games, Apple says that this is well within their thermal specifications, which is […]

Ten Biggest Surprises Apple Could Unveil Today


By now there has been so much speculation leading in to today’s Apple event that almost nothing could surprise us. Almost. But who knows what shocks the super-secretive company might have in store? Here are ten Apple announcements that would be truly surprising.

Big Bang Theory Reveals the Truth about Siri and Relationships

Big Bang Theory Siri

Siri helped Apple sell 37 million iPhones last quarter, and now it’s helping everyone’s shy scientist, Rajesh Koothrappali, get a date. If you caught The Big Bang Theory last night, you were treated to a hilarious look at the truth behind Siri and relationships. I’m not talking about setting up releationships with your contacts, but […]

5 Ridiculous SkyMall iPhone Accessories


Open up any SkyMall catalog while on your next flight and you’re bound to find a number of awful products, but when it comes to technology SkyMall has a number of ridiculous accessories. If you look for iPhone accessories, the list gets even crazier with a number of out there products for your iPhone. On […]

CEO Swapper: If Only This Was a Real App


Goodness knows I could use some humor these days, and this post from Scoopertino fills the bill. Too bad the App isn’t the real deal, though. CEO Swapper is supposedly an App from HP and contains all the elements you need to replace your CEO and find a new one. The proprietary CEO Seeker™ technology […]

The Real Story Behind iPhone 5 Case Leaks [Video]

Screen Shot 2011-09-20 at 1.56.47 PM

Aside from the rumored iPhone 5 release date of October 5th, the biggest iPhone 5 rumors have come from leaked iPhone 5 cases. These cases all come back to one of the first iPhone 5 leaks back in which are traced to a design document from July. Since then we have seen a number of […]

How Steve Jobs Should Spend Semi-Retirement


While others treat Steve Jobs’ retirement as CEO of Apple as a sign his end is near, our outlook is more optimistic. Here are some ideas for how Steve could spend his extra free time.

Stage an Email Intervention – Switch Friends to Gmail

email intervention

Do your parents or friends still use that same hotmail or yahoo account they signed up for in 1998? You know, the one that goes [email protected]? If this sounds like someone you know, why not stage an email intervention? There is no charge to get the expert help of Dr. Richard Muscat to convert your […]

Comedian “Punks” Apple Store, Employees Don’t Flinch

Comedian Mark Malkoff wanted to test the limits of just how “nice” Apple Store employees can be. He may have to keep trying. The video, first dug up by Gothamist, shows Malkoff push the boundaries of what one can get away with in an Apple Store before getting kicked out. His list of over-the-top tactics […]

iPhone 5 Revealed in Delicious Looking Video

iphone 5 fruit video

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 5, which we hope will come this September. There has been a lot of interest in trying to figure out what features the iPhone 5 will have and what it will look like, even sharing a beautiful looking iPhone 5 mock up, but until Apple actually announces the iPhone 5 we […]

Dilbert Gets Smartphones: Battery Life or Dropped Calls

Dilbert - Battery life or dropped calls

If you’re the tech guy or gal in your workplace you’ve probably been asked “What phone should I Get” more than you can remember. While the Android vs. iPhone and AT&T vs. everyone else competition has gotten better Dilbert nails the eternal Smartphone conundrum. If you’ve taken on the role of smartphone adviser for friends, family and […]

iPad 2: Steven Colbert’s Take on Apple’s Latest Tablet

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 6.29.06 PM

Steven Colbert made fun of the iPad 2 on last night’s program. Colbert is a card-carrying fan, but he thinks the excitement over the iPad 2 is a bit overblown. Here’s his take on what he calls the “disturbing images” in the news last week that I’m trying to ignore..that cannot be unseen. The Colbert […]

Ode to Smartphone Names


My fried Avram Piltch and I were chatting by Skype the other day and we were talking about how ridiculous some of their names are. Avram is quite a wordsmith and wrote an opinion piece that is based almost entirely off smartphones’ names. If you think some of these names are bad, just wait for […]

Stall Surfing Goes Bad

Warner Crocker is our resident stall surfing expert and is one of the few tech writers that openly discusses how gadgets perform both in and out of the bathroom. Last we heard, he’s using his iPad, which means he’ll never have to suffer the way one Chinese mobile phone user did. Chasing after a phone […]

Despite Cameron’s opinion, Samsung Vibrant ships with “Avatar”


Samsung announced they’re hitting the U.S. smartphone market with four new Android devices, one for each of the major carriers. Details are still scarce on most at the moment, but their T-Mobile phone, the Samsung Vibrant, lists an interesting tidbit: it’s pre-loaded with James Cameron’s Avatar, despite what Cameron thinks of watching movies on phones.

This is why Steve Jobs loves me


As you know, Warner invited a bunch of folks over to his theater to check out the iPad. What you may not know is an invite was extended to the great one himself, Steve Jobs. His response?

Parody: The Doritos Tablet

Parody_ The Doritos Tablet |

Whether or not the iPad succeeds or fails, parodies have certainly reached an all time success rate. Check out the Doritos Tablet. Very spicy and very funny.