iPad 5 Photos Offer Best Look at iPad mini Design

This is thought to be the back of the iPad 5.

The iPad 5 may not be debuting alongside the iPhone 5S in September but we’re already getting a good look at what its design might look like when it does finally make its way to shelves. Rumors suggest that Apple is going to be holding an event on September 10th wherein the company will show […]

No iPad 5, iPad mini 2 at September 10 Event…Maybe.


After several reports on Bloomberg emerged hinting that Apple would also show off its next generation iPad and iPad mini tablets at a September 10 event that’s widely believed to be for the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones, Jim Dalrymple is putting the kibosh on that story. The Loop Insight reporter says bluntly, “Nope. No iPads.” […]

iPad 5 Photos Allegedly Show Secret to a Thinner iPad

iPad 5 front panel

The iPad 5 launch may not come until October, but leaks continue to show us what to expect when it comes to a new iPad design. This morning a set of photos which are reportedly of the iPad 5 front panel arrive offering a look at incredibly thin bezels and an iPad mini inspired design […]

iPad 5 vs. iPad mini: Alleged Photo Shows Size Difference

This could be the front of the white & silver iPad 5.

A new iPad 5 leak allegedly shows a photo of the new iPad 5 back in white and silver with an iPad mini back in silver that could be for the iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 2 Retina, but it is impossible to know from the information provided. This isn’t the first time an […]

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 With Retina Display Pegged for October Again

The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch event looks good for October as parts enter production and rumors converge on a new look for the larger iPad 5 as well as a high-resolution iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen a new iPad design for the full […]

iPad 5 Parts In Production, Tip Thinner Design

Samsung and Apple may be tied together through the iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

The iPad 5 display is reportedly in production as Apple suppliers work to deliver a new thinner touch screen to go into a thinner and lighter iPad 5 with an iPad mini-like design. It’s no surprise that the new iPad, dubbed the iPad 5 by many, will come with a new look thanks to leak […]

iPhone 5S Launch Date Pegged for September 10

We cover who should wait for the iPhone 5S, and who should buy the iPhone 5 today.

A lot of tech observers wonder when Apple will pull back the veil on the next generation of the iPhone, possibly named the Apple iPhone 5S, and now we hear from a credible source that it could happen September 10. The report doesn’t address whether we’ll learn about other new Apple products, like an Apple […]

Leaked Display Panel Shows iPad 5 is Inspired by iPad Mini


After a number of leaks of the rear casing of the iPad 5‘s rear casing, we now have a leak of the front glass display panel for Apple’s fifth generation iOS tablet. The iPad 5’s display shows that the device will be inspired by the smaller iPad mini, with a large display area and slimmer […]

If Apple’s Board Is Really Worried, Apple is Screwed

The iPhone 5S release date could land on September 20th or a similar date thanks to Apple earnings guidance.

A new report claims Apple’s Board of Directors is concerned about the, “pace of innovation,” at Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook. Given what we know about the Apple Board of Director’s access to un-released Apple products the source of these rumors is either mis-informed, or Apple is in bigger trouble than fans could […]

iPhone 5S and iPad 5: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals on store shelves and in commercials which fight for consumers, but at the end of the day it’s tough for Apple to leave Samsung and it looks like the iPad 5 and iPhone 5S will be another example of rivals working together. After a lengthy lawsuit in 2012, it […]

iPad 5, iPhone 5C Star in Leaked Videos


After a number of high profile leaks recently, we now have two videos that show off what are purportedly the case designs and front glass screen for both the fifth generation iPad tablet, also referred to as the iPad 5, as well as a new low cost or budget iPhone, also called the iPhone 5C. […]

The iPad: Gaming Console of the Future

The iPad iOS 7 Beta is now available.

There may be two new official, video game console launches on the horizon, but if rumors pan out and Apple ships iOS 7 and the iPad 5 this fall, users could be in for a third option. To be clear, Apple hasn’t officially announced the iPad 5, it’s still focusing on delivering the best experience […]

iPad 5 Photo Leak Reveals Possible Size of New iPad

An iPad 5 back plate supposedly leaked from the Apple supply chain.

A new set of iPad 5 back plate photos show off the rumored iPad mini design and add some dimensions to the mix showing the size of the iPad 5 and other details about the design. The iPad 5 rumors started in early 2013, with the focus on a new design that is thinner and […]

Thinner iPad 5 Possible Thanks to New Screen Tech

The iPad 5 will likely bring the iPad mini design to Apple's larger iPad, and according to the latest rumors may deliver longer battery life in a smaller package thanks to more efficient internals.

The Apple iPad 5 will likely sport a thinner design thanks to a new screen technology that debuted on the iPad mini in 2012. According to several leaked photos and iPad 5 cases, the new iPad will look a lot like the iPad mini and may measure as much as 20% thinner this fall. The […]

iPhone 5S Release Pegged for Late September, Specific Date Elusive

The iPhone 5S is expected to replace the iPhone 5 as the company's flagship.

The iPhone 5S release date has once again been pegged for September, specifically late September, though an exact iPhone 5S release date remains elusive and likely won’t emerge until much closer to Apple’s presumed iPhone 5S launch. Rumors have been swirling in regards to Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S, the device that is expected to touch […]

Why a Late iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Release is Great for Android Users

With no major iPhone or iPad release so far this year, case makers and app makers are turning to Android.

Apple’s iPad 5 release is on track for the holiday season and the iPhone 5S release could arrive as early as September, but for app developers and case makers the lack of new Apple products in 2013 is causing a drop in sales. Android users could stand to benefit from the shift in Apple’s release […]

iPad Mini 2 Rumored for Fall; “Almost Bezel-Free” Retina for 2014

The iPad mini 2 is expected to arrive this fall. and could come with a Retina Display.

A new report claims the iPad mini 2 will come before the holidays, but backs up earlier reports that Apple will not release an iPad mini 2 with a Retina Display until 2014. The new information details an iPad mini Retina Display with an “almost bezel-free,” design or 2014, and a slightly updated iPad mini […]