Best iPhone Audiobook Apps

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If reading isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps listening to someone read is more up your alley. Here are the best iPhone audiobook apps. Audiobooks, as you might have guessed, are audio versions of books, and they’re perhaps even more convenient than physically reading a book, as you can listen to audiobooks in the car […]

How to Sync PDFs with Your iPad

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The .PDF file format is arguably the most popular for digital paperwork and we’re going to show you how to sync and view PDFs on your iPad. With more and more people going “green” in order to keep the environment as clean as possible, many users are saving paper and printing less by taking advantage […]

How to Sync iBooks Across Multiple Apple Devices


It’s no secret that iBooks is a huge mess, but for those that rely on Apple’s own ebook service, it’s at least workable most of the time. If you use all Apple products exclusively, iBooks makes it easy to view your ebooks on all your devices and have them sync up so you can start […]

Mobile Apps That Made a Difference in 2013


Say what you want about this mobile device versus that mobile device. There are always comparisons by the dozens. But when it comes to mobile computing it really is all about Mobile Apps and what they can or can not do for you. Fortunately, many Mobile Apps are now available across the big three platforms […]

Apple Allows iBooks Customers to Give the Gift of Reading


Just in time for the holiday season, Apple has made some changes to the iBooks service for iOS and OS X to allow customers to now gift a book to family, friends, and loved ones. Gifting a specific book title is new for the iBookstore, a feature that has been a staple on rival Amazon’s […]

Apple iBooks Operations Will Be Overseen by Third-Party


Huge changes could be coming to the pricing of books in Apple’s iBooks store as part of a judgment announced in the United States Department of Justice’s case against the company for price-fixing. As ruled on by United States District Court Judge Denise Cote, Apple is required to nullify all of the agreements it made with publishers […]

iBooks Change Hints at Fast OS X Mavericks Release

This small wording change hints the OS X Mavericks release is at hand.

A small change in the listing for iBooks textbooks in iTunes points to a fast OS X Mavericks release that could come as an announcement at the September 10th iPhone event Apple scheduled for next week. Apple announced OS X Mavericks, also known as OS X 10.9, at WWDC 2013 in June with a Developer […]

Breaking Bad iPad Book Updates With Each New Episode

Breaking Bad

The new Breaking Bad: Alchemy interactive book is now available on the iPad, giving fans a detailed look into the TV show as the final episodes draw near. Breaking Bad: Alchemy provides iPad users with an interactive timeline of the entire series to date, and will update every week as episodes in the final season […]

iBooks Comes to the Mac on OSX Mavericks Great of Education


At WWDC 2013 Apple announced that they would port iBooks to the Mac. The new app will let users read all their iBooks titles on their Mac running the new OSX Mavericks, also announced today. Previously, iBooks readers could only read their content on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. That’s how most people would […]

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad Mini Announcement


As expected, the Apple Store has gone down ahead of Apple’s iPad Mini launch event set to take place at 10AM PST at the California Theater in San Jose. Typically, Apple takes the Apple Store down ahead of major product announcements in an effort to prep the site for the launch of new devices. In […]

iBooks 3.0 Leaks Hints at iPad Mini’s E-Book Focus


Apple’s been long rumored to focus its much anticipated 7.85-inch iPad Mini on the e-book segment to grow its tablet market share and compete with lower cost Android slates, like Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. Now, a listing for an iBooks title comes with requirements specifications from Apple inside the company’s iTunes […]

Shakesperience Brings Some Life to the Bard on iOS


Being a theatre geek and a lover of Shakespeare I always pay attention when I see products that work to educate and excite about William Shakespeare. Call me biased, but I happen to think that his creations are magnificent windows into the human soul. If we could all forget what our 10th grade English teachers […]

iOS 6 Notification Hints at iBooks for Apple TV


It looks like Apple may have plans to bring the company’s iBooks e-book platform to its Apple TV set. Within the developer preview for the current beta of iOS 6 at this time, if users download an iBook from the iBookstore on any supported device, a notification will pop up on Apple TV if it’s […]

The Battle for the Big Box in the Cloud


It has been said many times before but in the gadget obsessed world we live in, hanging on every rumor or drop of speculation about the next device to be announced, it often bears repeating. The shiny new gadgets have us all agog and we pay attention to the crazy race about who is ahead […]

10 iPad and iPhone Apps for Traveling Preschoolers

Transportation Jigsaw Puzzle 123 for iPad

Here are 10 iPhone and iPad apps we recommend parents use to keep preschoolers entertained during long trips. Of course a preschooler doesn’t really ‘need’ an iPad, but many parents can attest to the fact that iPads can make travelling more enjoyable for everyone. Read: Tech Toys for Toddlers Finding the right educational games and […]

Apple to Announce ‘GarageBand for E-Books’ at Event


Apple may introduce new tools and publishing standards for e-books through its iBookstore as part of the company’s media event slated for January 19th in New York City. While the event is speculated to center around the education and textbook industry, Apple has been coy in its media announcement and invitation and not much information […]

Apple Updates iBooks with Night Mode & More, and Also Updates Cards


Apple updated two of its own apps – iBooks and Cards. With iBooks users can read eBooks and documents which they load on their iPhone. The update includes the ability to read in a night-time mode with white text on a black background. There’s also a new full-screen mode that lets you only see the […]