Get iOS 5 and iCloud Features On Your Android Phone and Tablet


Yesterday was the big day for Apple device owners as the iOS 5 update hit. Though the upgrade didn’t go smoothly for everyone, many are enjoying their updated iPhones and iPads right this second. Android owners are looking at the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich in their lives and thinking: “Where’s Mine?” Even if you […] Offers 50GB of Free Cloud Storage for iOS Users


Life is all about the Cloud. It might actually someday be about iCloud if Apple’s servers can catch up. (We’re still waiting for that to occur around here.) But, life is all about moving your files to the Cloud these days. iCloud is supposed to be a big move for Apple, but it probably won’t […]

iOS 5: How to Setup iCloud’s Photo Stream on Mac


Once you update your mac to OS X Lion 10.7.2 and iOS 5, you get iCloud and Photo Stream. With Photo Stream in iCloud transferring your pictures to your computer got a lot easier, something you will likely want to do with the nice new 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S. I use it with […]

MobileMe to iCloud Migration “Move Error”


As Apple rolls out updates to OS X 10.7.2 Lion and iOS 5, MobileMe users can now migrate their account over to iCloud and get a free 25GB account till June 30, 2012. Unfortunately, the migration fails for some users. The weight of millions of Apple customers downloading updates and setting up their iCloud accounts […]

MobileMe Subscribers Will Get a 25GB iCloud Sub Till June ’12

MobileMe users can move to iCloud with free 25GB till June 30, 2012

As a MobileMe subscriber I am excited to read that Apple will be giving me a 25GB iCloud account to replace my MobileMe account. I can use it for no additional cost until June 30, 2012. The 20GB account plus the free 5GB will give us plenty of storage and far more than we ever had […]

iOS 5: What is iCloud and What Will it Do for Me?

iCloud logo

iCloud is one of the biggest parts of iOS 5. While we are excited about iCloud, we keep hearing, “What is iCloud?” and “Why is it called a cloud?” Have no fear, we have everything you need to know about iCloud right here, so that you’re ready for iOS 5 on October 12th. Unlike many […]

iCloud Won’t Stream Movies: Hollywood’s Ultraviolet the Culprit?

Ultraviolet - Hollywood's upcoming movie cloud locker service

Just a day ahead of the iOS 5 release date that will bring with it Apple’s new iCloud service one of the glaring omissions in the new Internet-based backup, storage and sync service is video purchased through iTunes. Users will be able to download all of their apps and music purchased through iTunes, but video won’t come with it. […]

5 Things To Do Before You Upgrade to iOS 5

iOS 5 logo

With the iOS 5 release date of October 12th bearing down on us, I wanted to share 5 things you should do before you upgrade your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to iOS 5. Apple is adding over 200 new features to iOS 5, which fixes many of the major complaints from iPhone users. One […]

iCloud Storage Upgrade Pricing Announced


Apple announced iCloud storage upgrade pricing at its iPhone event at its Cupertino headquarters today. We’ve known for a while that the first 5GB will be complimentary, but now we know that iCloud upgrades will start at just $20 per year. iCloud is Apple’s new mobile service that makes it easier to backup data and […]

Getting Ready for iOS5: Back Up Back Up Back Up

iCloud Backup

Apple’s big event is less than a couple of hours away and while many are focusing on devices, iOS5 is going to be what all those iDevice users are going to be checking out before we see new phones. (Latest speculation by the way is that there is no iPhone 5, just the 4S, but […]

iPhone 5 May Have Up to 64GB of Storage

iPhone 64GB

The next iPhone is expected to arrive in just a few short weeks, and it may mark the first time you can buy a 64GB iPhone. The current iPhone 4 is available with 16GB or 32GB of storage, priced at $199 and $299 respectively. Mr. X, tells 9to5Mac, that the new iPhone will come in […]

iOS 5 Release Date and What to Expect from iOS 5

iOS 5 logo

iOS 5 is the next mobile operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Announced this summer at WWDC, the software has been in beta testing for the past several months, and is due for a fall release, which we expect to come close to the iPhone 5 release date. (Read: 5 Things to […]

iCloud Reset Thursday Means Backups No Longer Available


On Thursday September 22nd Apple will reset iCloud in preparation for the beta service’s final releas, which is expected to arrive when iOS 5 leaves beta. If you have been using the developer beta of iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPad, you won’t be able to access the backups made before Thursday, 22 September starting at 9 […]

Apple Drops TV Rentals from iTunes

iTunes Rentals

In only Tim Cook’s second day as CEO of Apple, the company has gone ahead and gotten read of a service. That’s right. Apple has done away with TV rentals through iTunes removing the option entirely and leaving only the ‘Buy’ option or for some content, a ‘Season Pass’ to view a whole year of […]

iCloud Drops MobileMe’s Mac OS X Sync Settings Features


iCloud won’t include one of the most useful MobileMe features – OS X Settings synchronization. Things like the layout of your OS X Dock icons, keychain passwords and user names and all of your email accounts will not be synced between devices via the new iCloud service. When I first made the leap to the […]

iCloud’s Web Interface Now in Beta, Storage Pricing Detailed

The login screen for iCloud

With the flood of iPhone 5 rumors we get clobbered with every week, it’s refreshing to get some solid news about another exciting Apple launch that is approaching. Developers (and non-devs who have registered for an iCloud account) can now access Apple’s web portal for the upcoming iCloud (as reported by 9to5Mac) at Any fears that […]

iOS 5 Beta 4 Brings Documents in the Cloud Support

image credit 9to5Mac

Users of the previous three versions of the iOS 5 beta may have noticed that the promised “Documents in the Cloud” feature was, up to this point, missing from the party. With today’s release of the fourth iOS 5 beta though, the folks at 9to5Mac point out that Cloud Docs support is now active. Documents […]

Beta 4 of iOS 5 Released by Apple – Over the Air!

ios 5 ota

Apple is keeping the beta releases coming for their upcoming iOS 5. Developers can now get their hands on Beta 4, and they don’t even need to bother with iTunes. Registered developers who are already on iOS 5 beta 3 can download the new beta 4 OTA. Simply opening the iDevice’s settings app, and touching […]

Locked In and Loving It: How Apple’s Master Plan Paid Off

happily locked in ios

Yet another perk for Apple’s using a closed ecosystem is that every purchase users make is a little commitment to their platform. With each iOS user having invested an average of $100 in apps, according to AppleInsider, it’s looking like Apple’s “customer loyalty” is in no danger of falling any time soon. But this “loyalty” […]