A Conversation with a Reader about Tablet PCs and Tablets: Part 2


This post continues a conversation I’ve been having via email with a GBM Reader. That reader has given me permission to post this conversation but wishes to remain anonymous. You can find Part 1 of this series here. Warner, Thanks for the lengthy response, but let me say that there is nothing surprising in it. […]

Why iCloud is Perfect for the Average iOS User


As nearly half of all iPhone owners don’t connect their smartphones to their computers to backup or sync content after the initial activation process, Apple’s introduction of the cloud-based synchronization system called iCloud may help customers more effectively manage, backup, and restore data on their phones in the event of data loss. As users increasingly […]

Weekly Wrapup: Notebook, Tablet & Smartphone News – WWDC Week


While a decent amount happened this week in the world of notebooks, smartphones and tablets; the primary focus was on Apple as the company took to the stage at WWDC to announce iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion. There was no iPhone 5 announced, but the new software is already on many devices, including […]

Previously Yanked iOS Apps Now Time Warped to Appear on iCloud


One of the bad things about a closed ecosystem like Apple’s iOS is that Apple dictates what apps gets through to its App Store. This applies even after an app is released. For instance, on today’s version of iOS and the App Store, if I download an app, let’s call it App ABC, and pay […]

iOS 5 Ushers in the End of the iPod Era


On October 23, 2001, Apple had asked the world to say ‘goodbye to your hardrive’ with the debut of the first iPod, a consumer device that propelled the digital music revolution and made Apple a household name. Almost a full decade later, Apple continues to ask the world to bid adieu to their hardrives, but […]

How to Get an iCloud Experience on Android

Android iCloud

While the new iCloud service from Apple is garnering attention for the ability to use the cloud to keep your devices in sync with apps, music, documents and more, it’s not the first time these features are available. Apple has done a good job of pulling these services together, but if you want to replicate iCloud on […]

In Wake of iOS 5, iCloud Announcements, Microsoft Details SkyDrive Features for Windows Phone 7 Mango Update

After Apple had announced its next-generation iOS 5 software and the iCloud photo, documents, and music synchronization engine with the cloud, Microsoft is revealing more information about its SkyDrive document and photo synchronization service as part of the Windows Phone 7 Mango update that’s slated to come this fall. SkyDrive is a cloud-based service that […]

7 iCloud Features Typical iPhone & iPad Users Will Love

iCloud PhotoStream

Average iPhone and iPad users will see a lot of benefits when iCloud is released as part of iOS 5. Below are seven iCloud features that will typical iPhone and iPad users will love. ‘Cloud’ is a buzzword that can be confusing and intimidating to some users. The concept of cloud computing might not be anything […]

Details on iCloud Still a Bit Foggy


Yesterday’s announcements from Apple at WWDC showed that there are major changes coming when it comes to how Apple users think about media and data. Yeah, I’m talking about the iCloud features. Most of what we heard yesterday had already leaked, and quite honestly while we learned some new details, we’ve still got quite a […]

iTunes Match Cost vs. the Competition

iTunes Match

Apple just announced iCloud, a new online service that provides easy access to all the music users have purchased through iTunes for free. Apple has also announced a service called iTunes Match, which will match the music you have ripped or purchased from other stores and add a high quality version to your iCloud library […]

Apple WWDC Keynote Video Now Available

iOS 5, WWDC, iPhone

Apple’s gone ahead and published the full 2011 World Wide Developers Conference keynote presentation. The video is available at Apple.com and runs for 118 minutes. The 2011 WWDC keynote includes the introduction of iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion. With a focus on software, Apple did not introduce a new iPhone or other hardware, which […]

Photo Stream: How Microsoft’s Failed KIN Still Beats iCloud


Even after over a year since Microsoft had launched the now defunct KIN, a Windows Phone that the company had hoped would consumerized the platform ahead of the Windows Phone 7 launch debut, Apple’s iCloud announcement at WWDC falls short when it comes to photo streaming. As the iPhone-maker aims for simplicity while at the […]

Apple Stock Down On News of iCloud, Lack of iPhone 5 Announcement (AAPL)

Apple Stock WWDC 2011

Right after Steve Jobs introduced iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011, Apple’s stock prices reacted to the new services and the lack of an impressive , “One more thing,” namely no iPhone 5, by dropping 4.57% or $5.40 by 4:30 pm. Also dropping alongside new cloud competition was Google (GOOG) […]

How to Get the New iTunes in the Cloud Music App Now With iTunes 10.3

iTunes 10 3 with Beta apps

At the WWDC conference Apple announced a collection of new iCloud features that will arrive this fall with iOS 5, but they also announced a few new features that are available today for all users. The iCloud app, music and book features of iTunes in the cloud can be installed on your iOS 4.3 device […]

Apple’s New iCloud Service Will be Almost Free

iClouds built into iOS and OS X Lion and Free

Apple announced their new iCloud service at WWDC 2011 confirming the rumors that have swirled for months that a cloud storage and syncing feature will become a free part of Apple’s device ecosystem. iCloud is free unless you want access to a new part of the music portion of the cloud version of iTunes. The […]

9 iCloud Apps: iCloud Stores and Wirelessly Syncs to Your Devices


Steve Jobs took the stage at the end of the WWDC conference to unveil iCloud, a way to store and sync your content to all of your devices without wires. iCloud will replace mobileMe and will include a collection of new iCloud apps and support for third party apps. iCloud is available for free and includes […]

iOS5 + iCloud: Cloud Synching To Be Announced at WWDC?


Many Apple watchers are assuming that iCloud will simply be a digital music locker, but iCloud could be much, much more. Apple has built out a gigantic data center that could serves as the  mothership for iOS5 devices. Backing up and synching data between iPhones, iPods and iPads requires plugging them into a Mac or […]

Top 10 Pitchmen (And Women) Who Could Replace Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Replacement

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs will return to the stage as Apple’s number one pitchman, selling a nation of eager fans on the latest and greatest products to come out of the Cupertino braintrust like iOS5, iCloud and possibly the iPhone 5. Steve Jobs isn’t your average CEO and pitchman. Jobs’ eccentricities and mannerisms allow him to describe Apple’s […]