iHome iW2 AirPlay Speakers fit Smaller Environments with Decent Sound


The new iHome iW2 AirPlay speaker system streams your audio from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch fitting nicely into a smaller environment like your office, a kitchen or on a shelf at work or home. The sound could be better but for anyone looking for some background music, it’s a good choice. The AirPlay standard created […]

iHome Enters Android Market with Speakers for Tablets and Phones


iHome Audio, best known for iPhone and iPad audio accessories, is entering the Android market with three new Android focused alarm and speaker systems using what they call SmartDesign. iHome Audio’s new Android speakers are the iC50 Space Saver FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio, the iC3 Portable Stand, Stereo Speaker and Charging Dock for Android […]

iHome SD63 Soundesign Retro-style Headphones Uncomfortable: Review


If you hate ear buds as much as I do, especially the uncomfortable white pair that come with iPhones, then a pair of over-the-ear headphones like iHome’s Soundesign branded SD63 Retro-style Hi-Fidelity Stereo Headphones might offer an alternative. This set of cans looks cool with the seventies style retro look. They remind me of something […]