Microsoft Brushes Off I’m a PC Ads To Try and Stay Relevant

Microsoft Brushes Off I’m a PC Ads To Try and Stay Relevant

Forget market share. Microsoft is trying to hang on to whatever mind share it can. It looks like Redmond is dusting off the I’m A PC advertising theme with some new twists in order to stay relevant. The campaign is supposed to break today and below is the first new commercial in the bunch. It […]

Show Off Your Tablet PC / Laptop Sticker Love


I love personalizing my Tablet PC with various stickers. In my opinion, they kind off show off a person’s personality and what they are in to, where they’ve been, etc. As you can tell from the back of my Tablet PC, I’m kind of conflicted — I’m a Mac and I’m a PC. Yeah, I’m […]

I’m A PC: Life As a Convertible Is Good

Herushan is a PC. He’s a convertible.. – Herushan I am a PC, and I can convert between input modes. I am an Lenovo X61 Tablet that spends its days taking notes and nights writing papers, surfing the web, or playing games. My screen has high resolutions and can be rotated around for ease of […]

I’m A PC: I Can Communicate With My Friends

MobileMan is a PC. He likes to communicate with his friends – MobileMan I am a PC. I am a PC because I have never been something else. It is just the fact since I can think. When I was a young PC I took possession of my parents living room just to learn Visual […]

I’m A PC: It Is Helping Me Restore My Life

C-141XLer is a PC. It is helping him restore his life. – C-141XLer I’m A PC because: Mostly I’m a TabletPC for without it, I would not be able to continue in school. I injured myself after 17 years on the job in an ambulance. I had cervical and lumbar surgeries and can not carry […]

I’m a PC: I’m Multi-Talented

Here is GoodThings2Life, winner number 3 from our I’m A PC contest. He’s a multi-talented PC, redesigning himself to fit the situation. – GoodThings2Life I’m a PC. In fact, I’m a brand-spanking new Dell Latitude E6400 PC completely maxed out with all the goodies– even got a backlit keyboard to write let me see in […]

I’m A Tablet PC!


All the ‘I’m a PC’ commercials inspired some people at WIPTE 2008 this year to do a little video for themselves Check out the ‘I’m a Tablet PC’ video from the conference.  Nice work by all involved with putting this together.

I’m a PC: I Teach

Here is winner number 2 from our I’m A PC contest. He’s a PC and is a teacher. – Steven Holman I’m a PC. In fact, I’m a Tablet PC. That gives me special abilities. Abilities I use on my Toshiba M700. I’m a PC in the classroom. Delivering notes through my computer that I […]

I’m a PC: I’m Lighter Than My Older Brothers

Here is winner number one, from our I’m a PC contest, dreaming of the possibilities in the future. – Amitai Rosenberg I’m a future HP 2730p(maybe HP 2750p?): I have Windows 7 and Multi Touch. I’m lighter than my older brothers- I weigh only 2 pounds! I have a special pen on my back shoulder […]

Congratulations To Our “I’m A PC” Winners

Kudos to the following folks who are mighty proud to be a PC. They’ll each receive an exclusive Microsoft ““I’m A PC” t-shirt and get their story published on the front page of GoodThings2Life Herushan MobileMan Utkarsh Seth C-14XLer Steven Amitai Rosenberg Ouzome Send me an email ([email protected]) with your address and I’ll get […]

GBM Contest: Are You A PC?


Are you a PC and want the world to know it? Well, today is your lucky day. We want to hear your story about why you are a PC, what kind of PC you are, what makes you unique, etc. Are you rugged? Are you artsy? Are you touchy? Are you mobile and flexible? Are […]

The Ad Wars Continue Between Apple and Microsoft

And you thought political ads were rough this time of the year. Microsoft’s attempt at wrestling back some of its image with a $300 million ad campaign stuttered a bit at the beginning but then seemed to gain a little respectability recently with the ‘I’m a PC’ campaign. But the brains behind Apple’s image makers […]