OK, Apple Time for New iMacs Like Now


iMacs aren’t mobile news. But an iMac plays into my mobile lifestyle. How? Well when I’m at my desk at the office I use an iMac for my heavy lifting on a daily basis. It’s there for me when I need to log in remotely. It’s there when I need to work locally. It’s where […]

Apple patents touchscreen convertible designs for Macs


Patently Apple has put together an analysis of a patent Apple filed in Europe that describes a system for Macs to convert between their standard configurations and touch-centric configurations. PA believes it will switch automatically between Mac OS X and iOS. I’m not so sure.

Add a Touchscreen to your new Mac for $OMG

Is a thumbprint on the logo of a touchscreen company a good idea?

Good news, everyone: Troll Touch is now offering touchscreen mods for the latest iMac and Macbook models. Not-so good news: slapping a touchscreen on that $1,000 13″ Macbook will cost $700, while the iMac touchscreen can, in one case, double the price tag. I love touchscreens as much as the next guy (assuming the next […]

Rare Touchscreen iMac Surfaces on Craigslist


While not a mobile device, our fascination with all things touch at GBM has us wanting to learn more about this rare, early generation iMac with an installed touchscreen.   The seller’s brief description tells us that these limited edition iMacs were originally used in kiosks requiring touch input.   A measly $70 OBO will […]

A Change of Scenery


I’m always one to change things up a little, if only to keep myself learning and stretching. I’ve dusted off my iMac, and for the next several months, I’ll be making it my primary computing platform. With Mac OS X running on the main iMac screen, I’ll have Windows 7, via VMWare Fusion, on my […]