HTC One M9 Concept Images Bring Rumors to Life

Concept Fan-Made Render

The HTC One M9 is one of the most anticipated smartphones coming in the first half of 2015, and after most the recent leaks were reported as fake, some new concept renders merging all the leaks into one have surfaced giving us our best look yet at what could be coming next month. In previous […]

Nexus 6 Rumors And Leaks Continue to Emerge


With more and more rumors starting to surface suggesting Google will unveil the Android L release and a few new Nexus devices in October, we’re starting to see an increase in news on the rumored Nexus 6 and HTC Nexus 9 tablet. Last week the first Nexus 6 image surfaced, and now we’re learning more […]

iPhone 4 with Plastic Case May Target Cheap Android Phones

iPhone 4 Prototype with Plastic instead of glass Leaked

Some pictures of what claims to be a prototype version of the iPhone 4 made with a plastic housing instead of glass were leaked by a Vietnamese site that gained notoriety by releasing photos of early iPhone 4 prototypes, a prototype of the iPod Touch with a camera, and others. The translation posted at MacRumors […]

Coverjam Gives Each iOS Song Its Own Little Slideshow


Coverjam is one of those iOS apps that, once you hear about it, you’re surprised that nobody had thought of it before. The new app by Electric Pocket uses the combined powers of Instagram and Flickr to provide each audio track with its own unique slideshow. You start the app by selecting a track, album, […]

Microsoft Hires iPhone Army to Shoot Photos


It looks like Microsoft wanted to save some time and money in creating image results for its Bing search engine. Rather than working exclusively with in-house photographers, Redmond is (according to All Things D) hiring iPhone-toting users of the Gigwalk iOS app to do its dirty work. If you haven’t heard of Gigwalk, it’s a service […]

Another Perk From Google+: Unlimited Picasa Photo Storage

unlimited picasa

With Facebook users accustomed to uploading photos to their hearts’ content, Google wants their new social networking alternative, Google+, to allow them to do the same. With the new venture integrated with Picasa photo sharing, Picasa users have some good news. Once they get into Google+ (betas are slowly rolling out) they will essentially have […]

Samsung Attain Galaxy S II for AT&T Gets Pictured


On Samsung Mobile USA’s Facebook page, a fan had tagged an image of a large-screened smartphone as the Samsung Attain, a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II for U.S. carrier AT&T. While the Attain has been rumored for AT&T, and other Galaxy S II variants are speculated to hit most, if not all, major […]

How to Insert Images in Gmail

How to insert images in gmail

If you are constantly sharing images with others using Gmail, you may want to stop attaching images and start inserting them right into your email. This is allows you to write some text, insert your image and write more text. Not only does it look nicer, it is easier for users to see your images […]